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What underwear to wear under workout tights

If you've found yourself googling "what underwear to wear under workout tights?" — then you're not alone. It’s time to chat knickers. Now, it might not be a common conversation overheard on the treadmills or the change room, but it shouldn’t be taboo.

Many women can feel uncertain about what underwear to wear under workout tights to ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic fit — as well as making their tights look their best when you squat. So we’re here to set your mind at ease and help you decide on what’s best for your active wardrobe.

Visible Underwear Line — Yay or Nay?

The dreaded VPL. Marketed to every woman who’s ever picked up a magazine as one of the worst fashion faux pas. We know in reality that a visible panty line is not the end of the world! But in any case, you may prefer not to advertise what you’re wearing under your Active Truth tights and leggings and be looking for a smoother finish with no underwear line.

The premium quality and high-performance fabric used for our tights, leggings and bike pants is opaque to ensure that it is squat proof through any workout. Our tights are designed to seamlessly (see what we did there?) fit into your everyday and active wardrobes with the best comfort, coverage and support.

Underwear for Under Workout Tights

A seamless, flesh-toned g-string or thong is going to be the best choice for an invisible fit and there are plenty of those on the market. When it comes to staying comfortable and feeling fresh, this comes down to your personal preference.

We’ve listed our favourite gym underwear options below for you, so you can easily narrow down your search for the perfect pair of panties.

— Cotton
We love a natural option! Cotton is soft, comfortable and breathable. Opt for an organic or OEKO-Tex 100 rated option to ensure that your knickers are chemical-free and have no unnecessary dyes added.

— Bamboo
Everyone’s favourite natural fabric, bamboo is a beautifully soft and environmentally friendly option. This fabric has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities which help you stay fresh down there.

— Polyester
There are a variety of polyester underwear options available, and from these, we recommend opting for a style designed to be worn with activewear. They’ll help to draw sweat and moisture away from the body, but we recommend changing them promptly after your workout.

What Style Of Underwear Works Best With Workout Tights?

When in doubt, make it match! For a black pair of tights, the world (or your underwear drawer) is your oyster. If you’re opting for a lighter colourway or print, you might prefer to play it safe with flesh-toned underwear for peace of mind. When it comes to your Active Truth wardrobe, you can pair your tights with underwear of any colour, as our fabric is squat proof.

If you’re undecided on what underwear shape will keep you comfy on the move, we suggest keeping it minimal. Styles like a full brief or boyleg have a lot of extra fabric, so they may bunch up or move around while you work out. If this is your go-to style, find this cut in a seamless fabric, to help reduce any bulky layering.

A g-string or thong is a popular choice for wearing under your workout tights, as they are essentially invisible preventing any visible panty lines. When it comes to this style, it’s important to ensure you’ve got a comfortable fit with a breathable and stretchy fabric to ensure they stay in place, and don’t get pulled around by your activewear.

Considering going commando? Whilst it might sound a little risque, there are definite benefits to ditching the knickers. Less fabric means more comfort and freedom to move and can aid in reducing environments where bacteria can grow. It is, however, important to ensure you’re wearing supportive and moisture-wicking fabric. Our performance fabric works to draw moisture away from the skin and allows it to evaporate quickly, keeping you cool and dry all over when you’re working up a sweat.

When in doubt (or when the right pair of knickers are in the wash), just pull on an oversized t-shirt and forget about your workout underwear worries! This works especially well if you’re teaming your tee up with a pair of our comfortable bike shorts for a workout ‘fit that suits any occasion. Check out our guide to finding your perfect bike shorts.

Choosing the right underwear to wear under your gym tights definitely comes down to your personal decision and preference, but we hope our guide helps you find the perfect fit, ready for the next time you need to pull on your Active Truth tights!