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How She Does It -
Meg Harrison
Curvy Yoga student

Written by Nadia Tucker


Posted on June 15 2016

Every week we interview women about how they incorporate active and healthy habits into their lives. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness, so we aim to capture the variety of ways women choose to be active to give you ideas and inspiration on how to live your best active life. 

Tell us about yourself

My name is Meg Harrison and I am a 24-year-old technology consultant from Brisbane. I have been with my partner Anthony for the past 7 years and we are about to move to the UK.

I love yoga, gym classes, reading and binge watching television shows. I have struggled with weight and health for a lot of my life and have finally started to make some really fantastic progress/changes in my life.

What does active living mean to you?

Active living to me means making the best choices for you and your body positively and as frequently as possible. I think being mindful of yourself is a very key part of that. You don’t have to run a marathon/ eat paleo (although that is the perfect option for some) just make the choice to move/fuel your body as best you can.

What do you like to do to stay active?

Yoga was my first step into an active lifestyle, so I try to attend at least three classes a week. Other than that I do body attack and body combat at the gym and also try and get on the treadmill and do weights a couple of times a week.

Have you always been active and healthy?

Not at all. Up until the last 12 months I would say I was very unhealthy, and did not look after my wellbeing much at all. I have tried a few times in my life to get healthy but I regularly tried to go to big too fast! Coming up with ridiculous plans about high intensity work outs 6 times a week and depriving myself of all sugars and carbs. The result would be that I would give up two weeks in and be completely devastated in myself. Now I take things slowly, there is no quick fix to health and I still struggle but I no longer expect things that my body just can’t do.

What is your daily or weekly routine (if you have one)?

I tried to get to 3 yoga classes, 3 gym classes (body attack, body combat or body step) and 2 treadmill and weights sessions a week.

What daily habits keep you fit and healthy?

Working out with someone who motivates me is such a key part! Planning ahead with food is also such an important step.

What is your best active living hack?

I absolutely love Cauliflower rice! I have nothing against rice, I just prefer to eat my carbs at breakfast/lunch otherwise I feel too heavy in the evening before bed.

What does a sample workout look like for you?

I don’t get bored easily, so my personal workouts are pretty basic, 60 minutes on the treadmill, followed by a selection of weights machines and a small session on working my pelvic floor. The gym classes are usually where I enjoy a bit of variety.

Favourite healthy meal?

Lemon Chilli Chicken (one of the few things I can cook), or any spice rub slow cooked meat with veggies my partner makes me. Spices are amazing!!!!

What challenges do you need to overcome in order to achieve healthy and active living?

I think being kind to myself was really one of the hardest parts for me to overcome to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Once I discovered what I felt I could do and was mindful of my body, I started being able to achieve so much more.

What is the best ‘side-effect’ of staying healthy and active?

The energy and happy endorphins.

What (or who) inspires and motivates you?

The yoga instructors at Stretch Yoga are so fantastic and inspirational. The instructors brought me into such a safe environment and always provide me with modifications to suit my body. I am regularly inspired by their views on mindful living and their ability to make everyone feel good and safe in their own bodies.

How do you overcome negative thoughts?

I remind myself on how far I have come and that whatever happens my next can always be a positive one. I have also been very lucky to surround myself with very supportive family and friends and a good vent is always fantastic too.

How do you manage days or periods where you are not as motivated?  

I try to acknowledge why I am feeling unmotivated, and make positive steps to change the reason, or simply I make the activity simplier. I go for a walk with my partner or go visit my godson and his twin sister who are 2 years old. Playing with toddlers is great incidental exercise!

What do you do to treat yourself?

I treat myself with a really good book and a nice cup of coffee.

Top 3 songs on your workout playlist?

Tik Tok (Ke$ha)

Honey, I’m Good (Andy Grammer)

Just One (Hooberstank)

What is your active truth?

Be kind to yourself and make the right decisions for you and your body.

Any great health and wellness finds that you want to share? 

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Thanks Meg!