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How do you Smart Pocket?

Kate Middleton

Posted on June 28 2018

Riddle me this! If evolution really works how come women still only have two hands? Where evolution fails us, Active Truth prevails. We know how busy women are and how many things we need to carry on us all at once! That's why we created the Smart Pocket, perfect for all of your needs and provides that "my hands aren't full" feeling we all crave. Finally, the much loved, Smart Pocket Tights in Black, are back in stock and also have arrived in a new colour way - Navy! You've told us time and time again how much you adore these tights and that you take them literally everywhere - but, what do you put in your tights pockets? To celebrate the launch of the Smart Pocket Tights in Navy, we asked you exactly WHAT do you put in your Smart Pocket, and we were so surprised with the responses.

The Essentials 

Unsurprisingly, Smart Pocket tights fits a Smart Phone. We're so attached to our phone these days, there's no way we'd leave it behind. Slide your stupidly massive phone in your pocket and forget about it! Gina's told us that our pockets hold her phone so firmly even while jogging and performing her stair climbs. Your keys and ID also fit perfectly on the opposite side without jangling about or getting lost. Kate, one of our AT team members, even carries her entire cardholder inside her pockets. Stevie, co-founder of Active Truth puts her Apple Airpods in her pockets so they are always at hand. They are also super handy for keeping those pesky bobby pins and hair elastics close by that you can never seem to find when you need them the most! Smart Pocket fanatic Georgia carries her doggy bags in hers when she's taking her furry friend for a walk. 

The Unexpected 

Isabel is prone to migraines and headaches, she told us that she wears hers to make sure she has her pain medication at the ready. Melissa, a type 1 diabetic, let us know that when she's out and about and working out, she must carry some fast acting glucose on her. Her Smart Pockets keep her jelly beans and glucose of choice safely on her at all times! Mother of two under two Ellie uses hers to have the dummy on standby when one of her babies starts to cry! Sarah is a new mum and she uses the Smart Pocket Tights for pregnancy recovery and has realised that the pockets perfectly for the Medela portable breast pump so she can now express hands free while she attends to more important things with her hands. Smart Pockets are the ultimate travel tights! When you're carrying all you luggage to the airport, you definitely need a second set of hands. Tara has told us that her Smart Pockets were perfecting for keeping her Passport safe and secure before flying overseas and were great to wear on a long haul flight due to the compression in the fabric. 

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