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How She Does It - Kate Cooper from Pretty for Plus Size

Written by Kate Middleton


Posted on April 20 2018

In our 'How She Does It' series we interview women about how they incorporate active and healthy habits into their lives. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness, so we aim to capture the variety of ways women choose to be active to give you ideas and inspiration on how to live your best active life.

Tell us about yourself

Hi! My name is Kate. I’m 25 and live and work in Brisbane, although I grew up in Emerald, Central QLD. I’m a graphic designer and marketing manager by day, and I moonlight as a plus size blogger and ‘small time’ curvy influencer. I’m passionate about encouraging women and girls to love their bodies and be empowered and proud of their own bodies and style.

What does active living mean to you? 

Active Living for me means creating a lifestyle that gives back to you – in health and wellness. Incorporating a walk into a catch up with a friend, some incidental sand lunges when playing at the beach with your family, it’s about loving those ‘active’ moments and incorporating them into your lifestyle.

What do you like to do to stay active? 

I’m a really good power walker! Walking is my main form of exercise; it helps me clear my head and gives me some alone time to focus on myself. That said, I love trying out new and more unconventional ways to stay active like Pilates and pole fitness.

What is your definition of healthy?

Being a ‘plus size’ figure, healthy is a really important word for me. I think people assume that because you might be bigger in statue that you can’t be living a healthy lifestyle. As long as I know I am consistently nurturing with good foods and exercising with good intentions, that for me is healthy.

Have you always been active and healthy? 

I have gone through a lot of phases in my life of participating in different sports and activities to keep myself active (I’m very terrible at sport). I’ve also gone through phases of just refusing to exercise, oops! But over the years I have danced, played tennis and netball, done some serious weightlifting and mustered some real upper body strength to climb poles; I always try to keep walking in there as I find it’s good for my body and mind.

What is your daily or weekly routine? 

Walk, walk, walk! I try to do 60 minutes of exercise most days, sometimes things don’t always go to plan but I find getting straight out of bed in the morning and working up a sweat is a good way to start the day.

What is your best active living hack? 

Exercise as soon as you wake up, before your brain can actually figure out what you’re doing. If I’m waking up really early, I will roll out of bed and into my sneakers to go for a walk, before I can convince myself otherwise!

Favourite healthy meal? 

Any sort of smoothie! I aim to sneak as many healthy greens in there (kale, celery, spinach) as I can, mainly to trick myself in to forgetting that I am eating them.

What health craze are you guilty of loving?

Activewear! Wearing activewear everywhere, I am that person.

What is the best ‘side-effect’ of staying healthy and active?

Your mind will be happy. Living an active lifestyle really does help clear my mind and give me a more positive outlook.

What (or who) inspires and motivates you?

Other curvy ladies! The amazing women I have come in contact with through my blog, both influencers and everyday women who are proud, and trying, and doing their best; that is motivating for me.

How do you overcome negative thoughts?

I try not to dwell. I think everyone has negative thoughts, but I try to work past them as quickly as I can so they don’t impact my life too much – life’s too short!  

How do you manage days or periods where you are not as motivated?

I can definitely struggle with motivation at times, creating those habits and routines by doing things daily and more frequently definitely helps.

Top 3 songs on your workout playlist? 

Naive – The Kooks

Ready For It – Taylor Swift

This Love – Maroon 5

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