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How She Does It -
Kate Stocks of InspireCycle

Nadia Tucker

Posted on August 03 2016

Every week we interview women about how they incorporate active and healthy habits into their lives. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness, so we aim to capture the variety of ways women choose to be active to give you ideas and inspiration on how to live your best active life. 

Tell us about yourself

Hi my name is Kate, I am wife to Mark and mother to two beautiful teenage girls Holly and Charlotte. We live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and have a British Bulldog called Dolly and a little fluff ball called Ziggy. We also have two miniature donkeys Sancho and Louis. I am the CEO and Founder of InspireCycle, an indoor cycling studio in Teneriffe. I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mum for the past 16 years, and it has been a huge transition to working a full time job and managing a family.

What does active living mean to you?

To me active living means getting more out of life by giving more of yourself. It is not just about exercise but nurturing your body and mind from the inside out. It is about balance.

What do you like to do to stay active?

I love to take long walks by the beach with my girlfriends. I am also addicted to InspireCycle not only because I am one of the founders, but because it keeps me sane. We all lead busy lives and I sometimes find it challenging to get some “me” time so I take the 45 minutes out of my day to get a full body workout on the bike. Not only does InspireCycle incorporate weights and core work it also has a mindfulness aspect, which really helps with mental clarity not to mention it is like clubbing on a bike so it’s always a lot of fun.

Have you always been active and healthy?

Exercise has always been a non-negotiable part of my life. I make it an everyday ritual whether it be walking, spinning or going to the gym. It helps to give me a positive and energetic mindset. I also enjoy nourishing my body with healthy foods as I believe that is just as important as being active.

What is your weekly routine?

I have always been an early riser so I normally set myself up for my day by taking a walk even if it’s only 30 minutes. I do a cycle class at least 3 times a week as well as going to the gym to lift some weights once or twice a week.

What daily habits keep you fit and healthy?

Developing the right attitude is essential to a healthy lifestyle. If you believe you can then anything is possible. I set myself weekly goals and try to achieve them. This may be to exercise 3 times a week, eat healthy balanced meals or cut out sugar.

What is your best active living hack?

Find an exercise activity that you truly enjoy. If you don’t like running or lifting weights then don’t do it. Forcing yourself to do a workout you don’t enjoy will be hard to sustain. Find something that you enjoy, that inspires and motivates you to keep going back for more.

What does a sample workout look like for you?

Self motivation can be hard to come by which is why I prefer group workouts! Exercising as part of a team pushes you to the next level and it is always far more enjoyable.

Favourite healthy meal?

I love eating healthy salads filled with fresh vegetables accompanied by some sort of yummy protein.

What is the best ‘side-effect’ of staying healthy and active?

I think that keeping an active body is essential if you want an active mind. Physical activity is known to stimulate the release of chemicals in the brain that often leave you feeling not only happier but more relaxed and less stressed. Eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising also makes me feel better about my appearance, which not only helps to boost my confidence but also my self esteem.

How do you overcome negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts can drain you of energy and keep you from being in the “moment”. The more you give in to negative thoughts the stronger they become. I try and practice mindfulness in some form whether it is to concentrate on my breathing or meditate it helps me to stay present and ease my mind. I also surround myself with positive people who can help me to put things in perspective without feeding the negativity.

How do you manage days or periods when you are not motivated?

Exercise I guess is one of the easiest ways to stay motivated. A lot of the time we are lazy because we just can’t be bothered or we are tired. Exercising is great because you don’t have to figure anything out you just have to make the decision to literally start moving your body. This might mean doing star jumps in the living room or simply taking the dog for a walk. I think if you overcome physical laziness your mind will naturally follow. I always feel so much better after I have put the effort in which gives me the motivation to keep on keeping on.

What do you do to treat yourself?

I love a nice glass of wine after a long week at the office.

Top 3 songs on your workout playlist?

  1. Don’t let me down by the Chainsmokers
  2. One Dance by Drake
  3. Can’t stop that feeling by Justin Timberlake

What is your active truth?

The synergy between the body and the mind is both beautiful and essential for wellbeing and fitness.

Thanks Kate! You can find Kate at InspireCycle online and at 76 Commercial Road, Teneriffe, Brisbane.