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How to wear your printed leggings for everyday

Kate Middleton

Posted on March 23 2018

It's official. Leggings are our pant of choice. Be it dropping off the kids, in line for our morning caffeine hit, over brunch, or even drinks, activewear is now everydaywear for women. However, there are moments when we don't want people to know that we are wearing our gym clothes. For moments like this, here are some tips on how to seamlessly integrate our printed leggings into your wardrobe. 

The Jungle Look:


Casual and cool. Rock our Jungle tights with wardrobe stables and reliable basics. We've styled the nature inspired print with a light chambray button up to scream effortless style. Lace up some white sneakers and tie the look together with some classic brown leather accessories to give your appearance an earthy touch. A tan coloured tote and leather strapped watch never go astray. 

Florals? On leggings? Groundbreaking: 

With the pretty pink tones in our Wild Meadow tights we've decided to keep things simple and neutral to bring out the colour and fun in this print. A cream coloured knit is our cosy go to. The baggyness of the knit is a great pairing for the sliming Wild Meadow tights. Our tights fit perfectly behind a pair of under the knee boots. Throw a light scarf around the neck and use nudey pink tones throughout your makeup to pull together the whole look.

Keep Calm and wear animal print: 


Show the world your leopard love by wearing out our Bronze Leopard tights. Wrap yourself in your leather jacket to achieve that off duty model look. A v neck black blouse will look great underneath and snatch your go to clutch, favourite sunglasses and your well loved black closed toe heels. A look guaranteed to make you feel smokin'.