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We’re pumped to finally share with you our new FMSxAT Collection. We’ve been long time fans of Chantelle—in fact, @fatmumslim was the first Instagram account we followed when kicking off our business and trying to figure out this whole social media 'thing'... *blushing* 
We partnered up for this collection because we both hold a strong belief around communities. Our communities are at the heart of what we do—it’s why we do what we do. We're listening to what you love and what you want more of and created this collection for you.

Nadia, Chantelle and Stevie
“What are these pants to me? They're my 'get sh** done' pants. But they're also my exercise pants. Most of all though, they're my pants I wear when I'm not feeling 'enough'. When I need to feel stronger and more able.”
– Chantelle, Fat Mum Slim