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Fun Workouts To Try This Year

The great thing about working out is that there are so many different ways to get moving, boost your energy and have a great time while you do it.

Why not ditch the treadmill this week and try something a bit different? You can do lots of the fun workouts below with your kids (if you have them) and you may be surprised at how many steps or cardio minutes you reach without even feeling like you have been exercising.  

Fun workouts to try in 2021 

There are trampoline gyms in many Australian areas which let you pay to bounce around for an hour or more. Take the kids and see who can jump the highest or pull off the coolest moves. 

This fun workout is bound to get your heart rate up!  Our tip is to wear some tights with lots of stretch in them. 

Ninja warrior
If you haven’t checked out the global phenomenon that is Ninja Warrior, it’s worth watching a few clips on Youtube. 

With this ‘sport’, contestants climb, leap, grab and balance as they try to defeat some of the world’s trickiest obstacle courses. The series winners take home massive prizes but the challenging workout is catching on for active people around the country. 

Obviously, you won’t be completing the epic rope climbs of the finale after your first session but you can visit a ninja warrior gym, set yourself goals and celebrate as you achieve them.

Developing awesome Ninja Warrior skills can get you on TV but even if your goal is not to make the cast of the show, you’ll be getting a high-energy workout, boosting your fitness, your agility and your self-confidence. 

You can even set up a mini warrior course in your own backyard, if you have enough space (kids loooove it). 

Another tv show to hit Aussie screens in 2021 is Ultimate Tag, which brings the playground game of ‘chasey’ or ‘tip’ to the screen (albeit with obstacles and fearsome foes) in a high-stakes round of cat and mouse. 

This old-school game is great to play with your kids or a group of friends. You could switch it to good old fashioned scarecrow/stick in the mud or play buildups style where everyone who becomes ‘it’ stays ‘it’ until there is one winner remaining. This approach saves slower runners from always being tagged.

Just make sure you all agree on the rules so there are no tantrums!

CrossFit can be seen as quite a full-on form of training but one of the reasons people rave about it is the positive community vibe. 

A CrossFit session can feel like a fun workout if you are with a group and giving each other lots of encouragement and positivity. This style of activity is all about starting off small, pushing yourself and working your way up to bigger challenges. You don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with elite crossfitters as a beginner. 

Krav Maga
Ideal for all ages, Krav Maga is a form of self-defence. This workout is a double-bonus because you are learning to protect yourself while also bringing on a sweat. It’s an empowering and fun way to build fitness, strength and stamina. 

You can join Krav Maga no matter what your fitness level is. Many providers offer a free trial class so you can check it out to see if you like the workout. 

Stand up Paddleboarding
Low impact and easy in calm conditions, stand up paddleboarding is another fun workout. 

May locations offer boards for rent so you can test out your paddling skills. If you’re new to the sport, go for your first paddle on flat waters when there is no wind. Avoid paddling where there are lots of boats coming and going or they may create waves that knock you off balance. 

Don’t forget to wear your bathers as you may feel the urge to jump in the water. 

Rock climbing 
Rock climbing is a fun workout that is challenging and addictive. Get started at an indoor climbing centre and enrol in some lessons so you understand the best technique to apply as you ‘climb on’. 

This sport is physically demanding but you can start on easy ‘holds’ and feel the adrenaline rush as you  conquer more difficult routes.
If heights aren’t your thing, you can try bouldering, which is climbing on smaller rocks or formations using a crash pad and spotter instead of ropes. 

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