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We believe women deserve better from the activewear market.

Here at Active Truth we celebrate all women regardless of size, shape or stage of life by offering performance activewear across an inclusive size range.


Hello, thanks for dropping by! We're Stevie and Nadia, Active Truth’s founders.

We moved to Brisbane on the same day in 2011 and as new neighbours quickly became friends over baby playdates and long pram walks in search of coffee.

Together we navigated returning to exercise post babies and the many changes our bodies experienced over this time. We were frustrated with buying activewear online and receiving products that looked beautiful on models but didn’t perform in real-life on bodies without model proportions, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Talking with our friends and family it was quickly apparent that we weren’t the only ones experiencing this disappointment, and that finding quality tights was especially difficult for women who wore larger sizes and pregnant women. We set out to create a brand that not only serviced the activewear needs of all women, but celebrated them too. In 2016, we launched Active Truth.


We launched Active Truth with 100 pairs of tights in a plastic tub, a homemade website and no marketing budget – oh, and full-time day jobs too! As sales increased Nadia’s living room, and later bedrooms, became our warehouse and distribution centre. Stevie’s kitchen bench served as our office.

Fast forward three years. We have added four superstars to our team and there are over 20,000 women now wearing Active Truth. Our growth is testament to the demand for greater activewear options and a more diverse representation of women generally.



Active Truth is committed to showing a diverse range of women wearing our activewear.

We want every woman to look to Active Truth and see someone like her – happy, active, looking and feeling amazing in her activewear. We refuse to photoshop our models and continue to challenge stereotypes and bias around body image.

Active Truth are proud to support organisations that support women through partnerships with Share the Dignity, Body Image Movement, and a number of smaller female-led, or female-focused, charities.


stevie and nadia