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Product + Fit FAQs

All of our tights have their own unique features. While the style of tight mainly comes down to personal preference (pockets or no pockets, full length or bike shorts), you can take a look at our Style Guide for everything you need to know about each style.

The compression fabric used for our leggings and crops takes on a second-skin-like fit. At first, it will feel really firm—but the material will relax to your body shape and won’t bunch, sag or roll down during your workout. Just like a great pair of skinny jeans, you might need to jiggle into them—but once you are in them they will fit like a glove and you’ll never want to take them off!

We use a superior, high performance, premium, compression fabric that is the ultimate multitasker! It’s moisture-wicking, drawing moisture away from the skin and keeping you nice and cool when working out. It also has UV protection for outdoor workouts. Our black tights are 100% squat proof so you need not fear bending or moving and your tights becoming sheer. The finish has a slight sheen but is not shiny.

All our tights have a double-layer high-waistband which gives optimum core support that won't budge during a workout. You won't need to keep tugging up your tights during movement as they will sit right where they should be without hassle. While you are on the move, feel supported by the 8-way stretch of the compression fabric.

Our Petite Range is designed for women under 164cm, however petite is not always just about height, it's about body proportion. So you may be taller and still find you benefit from our petite styles.

Tall women rejoice! We have designed a true full length for women over 178cm (5’10”) tall - in our Tall Range, you will enjoy an increase in length through the waistband, body rise, and additional length through the legs.

We always recommend taking your current hip measurement and comparing to our size guide here to find the best fit. If you are between sizes or unsure, then it’s best to size up. Our maternity tights are designed with a double-layer supportive bump band that can be worn over or under your belly. They offer a supportive compression fit, but should never feel too tight or uncomfortable.

When your regular tights become too firm or start to dig in at the waist it's time to enjoy your pregnancy in the comfort of maternity activewear. The bump band grows with you and will be a great fit during your entire pregnancy and as a transition piece for your post-baby body too. Don’t just restrict them to your activewear wardrobe either – our tights play well with dresses, long tops and boots too!

The benefit of wearing maternity tights is that they're designed specifically to support you throughout your pregnancy. The core support on these tights are amazing, the fabric used in our leggings supports shape retention and is breathable and moisture-wicking making it the best choice for hot days (or hot flushes).

Our black leggings are also squat proof, which means you’ll never need to worry about the fabric becoming see-through no matter how much it stretches. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from mamas-to-be about how much the compression in our tights have helped with managing varicose veins, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)/pelvic pain, or just the general aches and pains of growing and carrying a baby.

All our tights are made from the same performance fabric and offer the same compression-like fit through the hips and legs. The difference is in the waistband. We'd suggest our Postnatal Recovery Tights, these are designed with a higher, curved waistband that offers a firmer fit to provide core compression support that can help with recovery and eases post-baby aches and pains. They are suitable for natural and cesarean births, and as general post-surgical compression support.

Now that you’ve discovered the best activewear ever, it’s important to look after it. High-quality activewear is worth the investment, and taking care of it means it will last you for years to come.

Don’t hesitate! You’re exhausted from an intense workout, but try not to leave your worn activewear sitting around afterwards. Leaving sweaty clothes in a pile (or basket) can cause bacteria build-up. Washing your activewear immediately after wearing will keep it fresh.

To prevent your activewear from fading we recommend washing in cold water. Using a hot water cycle can cause stains to stick and fabrics to shrink.

Say NO to fabric softeners, softener can ruin the fabric and elasticity of your activewear — it’s best to avoid it.

Avoid rough surfaces! Rubbing your activewear against rough surfaces causes abrasions or pulls. Avoid consistent contact with surfaces such as concrete, decking, rocks and rough terrain.

Hang to dry, always avoid putting your activewear in the dryer. The heat from the dryer can alter the performance of our fabric and can cause it to shrink. We recommend hanging your activewear in an area away from direct sunlight (to avoid fading) to dry.

Separate light from dark wash styles with multiple colours in them on their own to prevent colours bleeding. Wash similar plain colours together and turn your activewear inside out. For extra protection, wash your activewear in an individual washing bag.

It’s important to note that all activewear fabrics will eventually degrade over time due to friction, heat, sweat, type and intensity of exercise, and how they are treated between wears. Following these tips will help keep your activewear in tip-top condition and maximise its longevity.

We utilise a number of factories both in Australia and abroad. Products that are made in Australia are noted on the product page. All products have the country of manufacture marked on the care label.

Yes all our tights and crops are made from the same performance fabric and offer the same compression-like fit through the hips, legs and bust.

Our Essential, Training Pocket and Smart Pocket Tights are all designed with the same high waistband, the difference is in the pockets and seams.

The Essential Tight is pocket free.

The Smart Pocket Tight has two additional seams on the outer thigh to accommodate the 2 large thigh pockets.

The Training Pocket Tight has thigh pockets that are located higher up than the Smart Pocket. The pockets are slightly larger on the Smart Pocket Tight.

We also have our Ultra High Waist Tight that has roughly an extra inch to the waistband and has a secure welt pocket in the back of the waistband.
Check out our Style Guide here.

You can check out all our inseam leg length measurements on our Size Guide page. These measurements are taken when the garment is laid flat and will stretch longer when worn. As a general rule, the 3/4 Length tight finishes just past your knee, the Full Length should sit on your ankle bone and the 7/8 Length is smack bam in the middle of the two finishing around your lower calf. Check out our Style Guide here.

The waistband of your tights should sit flat and firmly across your stomach. If it is rolling down, this usually means that they're a little too small and the compression is too tight. Using our Size Guide and a measuring tape is the best way to find your AT size - or email Customer Care at

All of our tights offer a high waistband, however, our Ultra High Waist Bike Short and 7/8 Length Tight has about an extra inch to the waistband height compared to our Essential, Training Pocket & Smart Pocket tights.

We find that our Performance Crop and Sports Crop provide the most support in our range. We know, however, that even with a supportive crop some women with larger cup sizes like to wear a traditional sports bra underneath. All our crops will provide enough coverage to hide your second layer and keep everything in place during your workout.

To be the first to know when an item is back in stock, select your size on the product page and click the "Notify Me When Available" to leave your email address, and we'll be in touch when they are available again. If the style is a part of a limited edition collection, once sold out they will not be restocked, although we may get the occasional return.

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