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We make activewear across sizes 6 to 26, including pregnancy and postnatal styles, and we’re obsessed with delivering the perfect fit. With 20K reviews we’re best known for our high-waisted, no-budge tights that make you feel supported and confident when you work out.

But we know how tough shopping for activewear can be! Head in store and be met with harsh lighting, pushy salespeople or changeroom queues — and that’s if you’re lucky enough to find your size! 

Or maybe you’ve been let down by online orders too many times with inconsistent sizing and poor quality.

We’re so confident you’ll love our tights that we’re inviting you to try them in the comfort of your home, before you pay for them.

20,000 reviews can't be wrong


"They feel amazing and hold me in all the right places. I hardly ever take a bag with me anymore - I slip my phone in one pocket and cards in the other & I'm good to go. Working out or going out I live in these."
- Shan L., verified buyer


"I love these tights.
Great for everyday wear, running and at the gym. No adjusting or sliding. Pockets are life, these can easily fit your phone and even a water bottle."
- Carolyn F., verified buyer


"I have tried many different brands of tights and active truth are the best. The support, the fit and the quality are second to none.
I wouldn’t wear any other brand for exercise."
- Michelle N., verified buyer


"I love it! This is my favourite high impact workout bra. Holds everything in nice and tight, I like the extra length and also sits nice and smooth under any other clothing. Perfect for running, boxing, skipping etc"
- Megan, verified buyer