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The Ultimate Run Club Essentials Guide

Run clubs aren't just about clocking miles — they're about forging friendships, sharing sweaty high-fives, and maybe even grabbing a post-run coffee. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just starting out, run clubs are a great way to get exercising in a supportive and positive group environment.

The right activewear and accessories are essential for your best performance during run  club sessions. Making sure you’re comfortable and supported for your run will boost your confidence and help you have a great experience.

What is a run club & how do they work? 

Typically, run clubs meet on a weekly basis at the same location, such as a park or a running track for a group run, and often followed by grabbing coffee or a drink together to socialise. 

Run clubs are open to runners of all levels and abilities, and are a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can connect, support each other, and enjoy the benefits of running in a group setting.

Essential #1: A Supportive Running Sports Bra 

A reliable sports bra isn't just a choice; it's a necessity, especially when you’re running. For women who wear a larger cup size, prioritising key features ensures comfort and performance. 

Seek out bras with thick, wide adjustable shoulder straps to distribute weight effectively. Also, look for easy hook and eye closures for customisable fits that stand the test of time. When it comes to fabric, opt for moisture-wicking matertials to combat chafing and provide compression support to minimise bounce. 

Want to relieve pressure? A racer-back or cross-back design evenly disperses pressure, enhancing stability. Elevate your run club experience with a sports bra that's as dedicated to your comfort and performance as you are. Active Truth offers a variety of running sports bras and running crops specifically designed for comfort and performance, ensuring every runner can find their perfect fit. Here are some popular choices:

  1. Glow Crop: This vibrant and supportive crop is designed for high impact activities like running. It features moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable and dry and 360 degree adjustability for the perfect fit.

  2. Zip Up Crop: Easy-on, easy-off, no matter how sweaty you get. The handy zip-front makes it ideal for runners.

  3. Performance Crop: This crop is tailored for performance with its breathable fabric and secure fit, providing both comfort and functionality during long runs.

Active Truth is dedicated to inclusivity, offering an extensive size range that caters to plus-size and large cup sizes. This commitment ensures that every woman, regardless of her body type, can find a sports bra that offers the support and comfort needed to enhance her running experience.

Essential #2: The Perfect Pair of Running Leggings 

A great pair of running leggings is a foundational piece for any run club wardrobe that you’ll have on high rotation. 

Choose running leggings that offer essential compression support, stabilising your muscles and reducing fatigue so you can run longer and stronger. Look for performance leggings that will provide crucial support to your knees and hips, areas that often bear the brunt during intense runs.

When it comes to fabrication, breathable moisture wicking fabric will help to regulate your body temperature and stop discomfort from chafe and sweat when you're hitting your run club best! If your run club meets early mornings or after dark, you can also choose reflective elements on your running leggings to increase visibility in low light conditions.

Wanting to stay warm and comfy for those cold-morning or evening run club sessions? In winter, a quality performance fabric for your running leggings will reduce wind resistance making you more comfortable. Whether you're sprinting against the breeze on a coastal path or pushing through the last kilometre of your run, it’ll have you covered. 

Importantly, look for a pair of running leggings that offer compression support, to aid in muscle stability and reducing fatigue. A supportive waistband ensures they stay put during your run and convenient pockets can store essentials like keys and phones.

Active Truth’s tights combine functionality with comfort for running. Here are our recommend styles:

  1. Running Tight: Specifically designed for running, these tights offer a compression fit that supports muscles to reduce fatigue and increase endurance and have plenty of pockets for gels, snacks and your essentials.

  2. Smart Pocket Tight: These leggings are a game-changer for runners who need to carry essentials on the go. Featuring large, secure pockets, they allow you to easily store your smartphone, keys, or cards. Made with high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric, they offer both support and flexibility.

  3. Training Pocket Tight: These tights incorporate stretchy, durable fabric that moves with you while providing a supportive compression fit. The training pocket tights also come with convenient side pockets, perfect for those who like to keep their personal items handy during a run.

Each of these running leggings from Active Truth not only prioritises performance but also focuses on inclusive sizing and stylish designs, ensuring that every runner can find her perfect fit and style.

Essential #3: The Right Running Bike Shorts 

In warmer climates and steamy weather, runners might find traditional leggings too heavy. That's where running bike shorts come in handy—offering a lighter, more breathable alternative that keeps you cool without sacrificing support or style.

Bike shorts for run-club pack a punch with their practical features. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you dry, ample pockets for essentials, and a supportive fit that moves with you. These elements ensure you're equipped for peak performance, whether you're pacing through miles or sprinting to the finish.

The perfect pair of running bike shorts blend functionality with comfort. They offer reduced chafing through smooth seams, compressive fabrics for muscle support, and a streamlined fit that enhances performance. Plus, their versatility pairs seamlessly with various activewear, making them a staple in any run club wardrobe.

Active Truth offers top-quality running bike shorts designed to meet the needs of all active women. Here are the best options for those in run club:

  1. Freemotion Anti-Chafe 5 Inch Bike Short: Designed to combat discomfort on the move, these bike shorts have no inner thigh seams, providing you the ultimate comfort and zero chafe. They also feature two large pockets to hold your essentials.

  2. Running Bike Short: These shorts are crafted specifically for high-intensity running. They feature a high waistband that ensures the shorts stay in place and provide core support. Tons of pockets hold everything you need for long runs. 

Stylish Running Clothes & Activewear Designs 

Feeling confident and supported in your activewear can significantly enhance your performance in any activity, including run club. At Active Truth we know the power of a great outfit, crafting stylish running activewear that not only looks good but feels great.

Our inclusive running activewear is designed with every woman in mind, offering supportive and perfectly fitting pieces that instil confidence and comfort. We focus on inclusivity so that every runner can find her stride with peace of mind, knowing she is fully supported from start to finish.

Variety is the spice of life — Whether you prefer bold patterns that stand out or classic colours that match any gear, our running activewear ensures that you can express your personal style while enjoying the benefits of high-quality, performance-oriented apparel at run club.

What Run Clubs Are Near Me? 

Run Clubs in Brisbane:

Unfit Run Club (Selected Locations) - Unfit Run Club welcomes runners of all fitness levels and emphasises making running fun and accessible for everyone, hosting sessions at various parks across Brisbane.

Soso’s Run Club (Newstead) - Soso’s Run Club offers structured training sessions with a focus on improving speed and endurance in a light-hearted and social atmosphere. 

Run Society (West End) - Run Society combines social gatherings with running, appealing to those who enjoy community spirit and fitness.

Run Clubs in Melbourne:

Ate Miles (Fitzroy) - Ate Miles in Fitzroy is a social-paced community jog around Melbourne’s inner north-east. 

AM:PM RC (Clifton Hill) - AM:PM RC in Clifton Hill caters to both morning and evening runners, offering flexible times to suit various lifestyles and fitness goals.

Flow State – Female Run Club (Albert Park) - Flow State focuses on empowering women through running, providing a supportive environment in the picturesque setting of Albert Park.

Run Clubs in Sydney:

Pace Yourself (Centennial Park) - Pace Yourself, located in Centennial Park, offers a variety of pace groups for different skill levels, ensuring a personalised running experience.

Kings Cross Track Club (Kings Cross) - Kings Cross Track Club brings a touch of urban energy to running, using the iconic streets of Kings Cross to challenge and inspire runners.

440 Run Club (Bronte) - 440 Run Club in Bronte takes advantage of coastal views, offering breathtaking sunrise runs along the cliffs and beaches.

Run Clubs in Perth:

The 440 (Cottesloe) - The 440 in Cottesloe uses the stunning beachfront as its track, ideal for runners who love ocean views with their workouts.

Perth Run Collective (Trigg Subiaco) - Perth Run Collective offers guided runs focusing on community and fitness.

Early Ones (Scarborough) - Early Ones in Scarborough caters to those who prefer a sunrise run, providing energising starts to the day with beachside routes.

Run Clubs in Canberra:

Canberra Runners (Parkes) - Canberra Runners take advantage of the green spaces in Parkes, offering a tranquil running experience near the city’s political landmarks.

Speedy Geese (Parliament House) - Speedy Geese gathers at Parliament House, offering a unique backdrop for runners interested in combining fitness with a tour of Australia’s political heart.

How To Join A Run Club? 

Joining a local run club is easier than you might think! Simply visit the website or check out the Instagram page of the run club you're interested in to find out when and where they meet. Then usually all you have to do is show up ready to run. 

Equip yourself with the best gear from Active Truth for all your run club essentials. Get inspired, get outfitted, and make this year your most active yet by hitting the ground running with a supportive run club community!