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12 Key differences between good and great activewear for plus size

One of the things that stops a lot of women from being active or interrupts their plans to enjoy sports like dancing, boxing, Pilates or cycling (or anything, for that matter), is a lack of truly decent activewear. 

If you’re plus size, the options are limited. And frustratingly, a lot of what you do find just doesn’t do the job right. 

Shopping for activewear becomes easier when you know what to keep an eye out for. There are some hidden and some not-so-hidden details when it comes to the best activewear for plus size gals. 

Here’s what we recommend you seek out: 

Comfortable, compression fit
Well designed plus size activewear holds firm, but isn’t so tight that you feel like you are going to lose circulation! 
When you have a compression fit, you won’t have to worry about the waist rolling down or the legs rolling up. The fabric is designed to sit flush so you can worry about your workout, not your gear. 

Speaking of working out, the best activewear for plus size works with you. 
Look for tights, bike shorts and crops with an 8-way stretch so you can bend, twist, reach and turn. 

best activewear for plus size

High waistband
Thank goodness hipster designs are out of fashion these days. A high waistband on your activewear gives you better coverage for more confidence. 

Thick, quality fabric
We’re talking about the ‘squat factor’ and tights that go see-through when you bend over. It’s not ideal and it happens with so many brands of activewear. 
When you’re shopping, do a quick ‘squat test’ in the changeroom or look for an online activewear brand that offers 30-day returns. This way, you can check out your new tights to make sure they don’t go transparent before you head out in them. 

Moisture-wicking technology
Love to work up a sweat but hate… well… feeling sweaty? We get it! 
Skip the distraction of perspiring (or ‘glowing’) with fabric that works cleverly to wick away moisture as you work out, drawing sweat away from skin and rapidly allowing it to evaporate as you exercise. 

Flat-lock seams
Cheap activewear seams rub the insides of your legs and arms. With the ‘flatlock’ sewing technique, seams lie flat. 
Check the insides of your activewear. The best activewear for plus size will make it hard to recognise the difference between inside out and rightside in because of the high-quality, reinforced seamwork. 

The rise of activewear has mainly been due to the big old c-word… comfort. We reach for our tights and sports crops time and time again because they are so much easier to wear than jeans and blouses. 
There’s another secret c-word as well and that is CONVENIENCE. The best activewear for plus size is easy to roll up, pack away and wash in cold water. Because ain’t nobody got time for specific washing instructions!

best activewear for plus size

Tights with pockets

Who doesn’t love a pocket or two (or even three)??
Great plus size bike shorts and tights with pockets can fit your phone as well as a house key. 

Good looks
Everybody needs some quality black activewear in their wardrobe. But why not introduce a few splashes of colour as well? 
Choose some extra activewear in navy/midnight blueand fun prints. You can mix and match to suit your moods. 

Better, not just bigger
If you’re curvy, you will have noticed that some brands simply make their clothes larger as they go up sizes. However, the best ones tailor their plus size range for real-woman shapes. This is one of the factors that separates good from great plus size activewear because it is actually made to fit your body, not just longer and wider. 

Top reviews
You can read product descriptions all day but often the indicator of the best plus size activewear are the reviews. 
Take a look at what people are writing, not just after they have made a purchase but once their tights etc have arrived and been tried out. See what people say about the fit, how comfortable their gear is and how well it has lasted. 

Locally owned business 
Finally, you’ll get the feel-good factor (not to mention great quality workout wear) if you shop for plus-size activewear with an Australian retailer. 

If you’re ready to shop for the best plus size activewear, browse the collection at Active Truth. We’re so proud to offer top quality tights, bike shorts, crops and sports bras for every Australian woman.   

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