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Active Truth Lifeblood Team

Hey team, today is World Blood Donor Day! 

For an act that only takes an hour, it’s an act that could change someone's life. 

Today I visited our local donation centre at Chermside in Brisbane to make a donation and as always the friendly team at the centre reinforced the reminder that I — along with many other Australians — are partaking in something incredibly special. 

To meet the ongoing blood needs of Australian patients, it takes one blood donation to occur every 24 seconds. That’s 31,000 donations a week with just one donation having the opportunity to save up to 3 lives. 

People from all walks of life need blood products. Some like my mother needed it to get her through cancer treatment, or like my girlfriend a difficult pregnancy, or a member of our team from internal bleeding. Others have medical conditions which means they need blood products regularly just to stay alive or be healthy. 

Head to the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood website to find your nearest donor centre and hear more on how you can change yours and someone else’s life. 

To join our Active Truth Lifeblood team and help us save lives see the instructions below. For every person that joins our Active Truth Lifeblood team and donates, I will send you a $50 Active Truth voucher to thank you for your first donation. You just need to donate, share your photograph/story on social media and use the hashtag #ATLifebloodTeam. Then screenshot the post/story and email it to

Visit, and click ‘Log In’

If you have donated blood before, and registered for the online system, enter your login details.

If you haven’t donated blood before or registered on the online system, click ‘Register here’ and follow the prompts.

Once logged in, click ‘MyDetails’ at the top, and then ‘Lifeblood teams’. Enter Active Truth as your group.

Then, click ‘Make a new appointment’

Answer the eligibility questions

Enter your postcode close to home or work where you’d like to donate.

Choose the nearest donor centre.

Choose an appointment time that suits.

Confirm the appointment.


Stay safe.

Nadia x