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How we spend a Sunday - Downloadable Planners

They say 'a Sunday well spent brings a week of content' and with all the changes going on in the outside world right now, we're finding it more important than ever to have our inside world (our homes and chaotic lives) organised. 

Sundays have become the 'get stuff done' day. Getting these few things done, plans made and the week organised on a Sunday means that the whole week runs just a little smoother.

Our tips for your Sunday planning? We've taken inspo from co-founder Nadia. 

  • Plan out family activities, commitments, exercise routine, meals and work schedule (with a coffee and pastry in hand).
  • Visit your favourite local market to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Cook up a storm! Once you've got some of your weekly meals planned out, it's easier to prepare them ahead of time.
  • Set aside some family time. Sunday afternoons playing backyard cricket are a favourite in the Tucker household. 
Tell us what you need a planner for and we will work our magic and create it for our community to use.

Download them now!