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Five reasons to wear pregnancy underwear

Ooof! Who knew pregnancy was gonna be so… heavy?

Everything changes, from your ability to cope with small emotional setbacks to your sudden, intense desire for a hot BBQ chicken from the supermarket (or your total aversion to it… sorry if that made you feel a little green around the gills). 

And of course, your body is changing as well, in a bunch of drastic ways. You may not have realised until it started to happen to you that pregnancy doesn’t just make you bigger, it puts pressure in a lot of different areas and in a lot of new ways. 

When you’re pregnant, there is so much extra weight on your lower back and hips. This isn’t just because of the additional weight. Your body is flush with a new hormone called ‘relaxin’, which, according to BMI Healthcare, “softens the ligaments and joint capsules around the pelvis, allowing for an easier passage of the baby in childbirth”. This is a good thing during delivery, but it can cause discomfort in the lead up to your due date. 

The obvious answer is to get some additional support in this area. You may choose some maternity tight but if that’s not the look you’re going for, you also have the option of pregnancy underwear. 

What are pregnancy underwear?

Pregnancy underwear, aka maternity briefs, provide you with firm yet gentle compression under your clothes when you’re expecting. The best ones go over your bump, giving you core and pelvic support during those long days. 

Why wear pregnancy underwear

Here are five quick reasons why pregnancy underwear are essential for mums to be.

  1. Pregnancy underwear give you that additional feeling of security and are designed to sit comfortably under your clothes. 
  2. They are a great alternative to a pregnancy band or belt because they don’t constantly need rearranging. 
  3. If you love wearing dresses they are ideal to pop on underneath, plus they’re ideal if you’re still wearing your regular jeans/shorts, because they give you extra coverage for your mid-section.
  4. You will be noticeably less uncomfortable when you have them on, particularly if you are experiencing hip pain
  5. They are easy to pack up and travel with because they fold down quite small, as compared to pregnancy tights (which are still awesome for workouts and everyday wear)

The best pregnancy underwear

While there are lots of brands of maternity briefs on the market, they are not all created equal. If you are finding pregnancy very uncomfortable, look for pregnancy underwear that offers support, not just extra room and coverage. 

You should also look for:

  • Physio-recommended design, so you know you’re getting the best pregnancy compression garment out there
  • Moisture-wicking so you have a breathable pair of knickers
  • 8-way stretch so you have room to move
  • Flat-lock stitching, which means your pregnancy underwear sit flat and are more comfortable
  • Bamboo lining for the ultimate comfort (no scratchy fabric)
  • Low cut on the hips so they stay in place all day
  • Full belly coverage so you have less pressure on your hips and lower back
  • Availability in a range of sizes, from S to 3XL
  • Free express shipping so you don’t have to pay extra to have them delivered to your door
  • Free returns (just make sure to try them on over another pair of underwear first)

Shop for your pregnancy underwear in your normal size; they are designed with extra room for your growing tum. 

Once your baby has arrived, you can keep wearing your pregnancy underwear for a few weeks or purchase a pair of postnatal recovery briefs to give you the support you need. 

For pregnancy underwear that tick all the boxes, head to Active Truth now.

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