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How To Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Ready, set, deliver!

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in your life, full of ups, downs, cravings and new experiences. 

Your number one priority when you’re expecting should always be your health. Eating well, exercising and making your needs a priority as much as possible will help your baby’s development and hopefully give you better stamina to get through labour (not to mention the long days and nights to come). 

If you have just found out you are set to welcome a new arrival sometime over the next nine months, take a look at some ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.*

Eat a balanced and safe diet
A diverse and fresh diet is key when you are expecting. Look for plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep yourself topped up with the right amounts of protein and calcium. 

You don’t have to measure every mouthful. Just stick to unprocessed, unpackaged foods as much as possible. And avoid eating for two at every single meal; your daily calorie intake should increase but it doesn’t have to double. 

While you are pregnant, there are some foods that are off the menu. This includes unpasteurised milk, soft cheese, raw fish (we’re looking at you, sushi) and undercooked eggs. 

The Australian Government’s Food Standards website has a list of good foods and foods to avoid here.

Drink lots of water
Your body needs a lot of water during pregnancy as it is first growing a brand new organ (your placenta) and then growing a whole entire human. 

Take a water bottle with you when you go out so it is easy to stay hydrated. 

Get lots of sleep
Rest is key during pregnancy because your body is working so hard. Don’t be afraid to put your feet up when you feel run down and try not to plan activities that will have you feeling too exhausted to get on with your day. 

Take your vitamins
Folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women and you may also wish to take a calcium supplement. Look for products that are created with expectant mothers in mind and read the directions carefully. 

Stay healthy during pregnancy: don’t drink or smoke
Minimise caffeine as much as possible and avoid smoking or drinking completely if you want to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 

According to the Australian Government, if you’re pregnant, the safest option is to not smoke at all. This is because the chemicals in tobacco smoke affect an unborn baby's development. tells us that no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy or while breastfeeding has been identified so err on the side of caution. 

Exercise regularly
You don’t have to run a marathon or join an ocean swim for the first time in order to stay healthy during pregnancy but regular, gentle exercise will help you sleep better and stay fit in the leadup to delivering your bub. 

Jogging is fine in the early stages of pregnancy or even in your later trimesters if you are used to working out this way. You may find you feel more comfortable swimming, walking or doing yoga as your journey to motherhood progresses.

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Good luck Mumma! The most important thing you can do is attend your regular checkups and follow the advice of the people who know babies and pregnancy best. If you’re worried about anything, make an appointment and ask questions until you feel reassured.

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*Note that this is general advice and you should always speak with your doctor about achieving your best health during pregnancy.