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Meet the team — Stevie

What's your role at Active Truth?


We know you shouldn't have favourites  .... but which are the best tights?

Anything tropical print! And pockets are essential.

Favourite Tune?

Valerie — Amy Winehouse

Favourite quote?

Courage over comfort.

Best life hack?

Using Sunday afternoon’s to prep for the week ahead.

What is your favourite thing about living in Brisbane?

The weather. Despite growing up in Canberra and living in London (or maybe because of it!) I love living in warm weather almost year-round.

If you could (hike/swim/yoga/insert activity) anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to go hiking in Colorado's rockies.  

Are you a podcast convert?

I listen to at least one podcast a day. While I’m getting ready for work, making dinner, in the car… Often business related but I love good storytelling podcasts like Dr. Death and The Drop Out. 

Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram — for the stories!

What is your favourite way to get the endorphins going?

Singing. Loudly. I’m the person you see belting out a tune while they’re driving. And I don’t mind at all! My kids on the other hand... 

Favourite snack or meal?

I love a good grazing platter. Chocolate covered pretzels are my latest must-have addition.  

What is your star sign?


Are tights pants?

Of course!

Favourite book?

That’s like asking who’s your favourite child. I read Life After Life by Kate Atkinson for my book club last year. That was a standout. 

What is important to you in a pair of leggings?

Squat proof!

Introvert or extrovert?


Favourite childhood memory?

Family dinners at my grandparent’s houses.

Top workout tip?

Listen to your body, but don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You can usually do more than you think. 

Pockets or no pockets?

Both! Pocket free for the gym. Pockets for work and running. 

Favourite Aussie small business (other than AT of course).

I’m loving my new Bon Maxie wallet. Fits perfectly in my Smart Pocket Tights. 

What is your secret pleasure?

Ten minutes to drink my coffee on my back deck in silence every morning. Even if it means I end up running late!

Must-watch Netflix series?

I love The Good Place and all UK crime dramas. 

Favourite playlist