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Petite range for the fit you deserve!

With the average Australian woman being 161.8cm tall, we here at AT understand it can be particularly frustrating to find activewear for petite women! 

Petite is not only about height - it's also body proportion. Petite clothing is generally designed for women shorter than 5'4" / 164cm. However you may be taller than the recommended height range and still find your legs benefit from petite sizing. 

Have you ever resorted to wearing tights that are baggy around the ankles, or they fold, roll or scrunch the excess fabric at the bottom of full length tights? Or maybe you are left with excessive fabric and height in the waistband and have an incorrect fit through the legs? If any of this rings true to you, then our petite range may just be what you've been searching for! 

We have created our petite range to solve these frustrations that petite women face when buying activewear. We have tweaked the design of our top rated styles - Smart Pocket, Essential and Mama Tights - to be tailored to fit petite frames. They have a shorter rise and inseam to give you the fit you deserve. 

Our range of activewear tights for petite women features shorter lengths with an inseam of 61.3cm (in our size XS) — 1.5cm shorter in length compared to our regular tights.

(Inseam measurements for each size can be found here.)