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Plus Size Activewear Tops: What To Look For

Active Truth was created to provide quality activewear for all women, not just the ones with model proportions. 

We were tired of buying activewear online, only to find it didn’t perform the way we thought it would so we did our own research into what makes the best plus size activewear tops, leggings and outerwear. 

If you’re shopping around for workout wear and wear a more generous size, here are some of the features to keep an eye out for. These will help you get the best value for the money you spend. 

Key features of reliable plus size activewear tops

Double layer construction
Having more than one layer of fabric, especially in a plus size activewear crop top, will give you additional support. You’ll be able to move freely without worrying about your top shifting around on your body. 

The extra fabric of double layer construction also minimises the see-through factor.

Breathable, moisture-wicking material
Why buy activewear if not to work up a sweat? But you’ll be more comfortable if your plus size activewear top is designed to draw moisture away from your body rather than trapping it, and if it works to keep you cool in the first place. 

Made to fit design
Some activewear brands simply increase the size of their crop tops without taking realistic body shapes into account. 

If you’re looking for a larger size that will keep ‘the girls’ in check, try to find a brand that is proud to specialise in a range of sizes. If they are using models who actually reflect the size you want, it’s easier to tell if you’re getting an activewear top that will fit properly. 

Full coverage
Sometimes you want to wear a sports bra under a crop top, especially if you have a fuller figure. You can still get crops that are designed to conceal a sports bra. These have a bit of extra length so you feel completely comfortable. 

Pair a plus size activewear crop top with a tank and you’ll feel and look fabulous during your workout. Doubling up means you have extra coverage but can also whip off your tank and keep moving if you’re doing high-intensity activities. 

On the subject of layers, a handy puffer vest is a must-have in winter. Wear this to keep your core cosy without overheating. Look for a puffer with a zip front and detachable hood. 

Long hemlines
Of course, your crop top doesn’t go past your waist but if you’re also wearing a tee or tank, look for a long-line version. 

Plus size activewear tops that are extra long are less likely to ride up while you’re working out. You can also have some fun and tie them at the waist to show off your awesome tights. 

Look for a side split as well as extra length so your top doesn’t restrict your movement. 

Sweats with pockets
It’s always handy to have a comfy sweatshirt as part of your plus size activewear tops collection. You can wear this as you warm up or head to and from the gym when it’s cool outside.

Bonus points if your sweater has pockets!

Awesome colours and designs
The days of boring activewear are behind us. Choose plus size activewear tops in a print and/or colour that suits your personality. 

If your activewear tops are some of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe you will be a lot more likely to put them on, show them off and stay active! 

Shop Active Truth’s range of plus size activewear crop tops, tees, tanks, sweaters and puffers to find a style and colour you love today.