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Stock your wardrobe: Five plus-size activewear essentials

No matter what you’re doing, if you have the right equipment and clothing, you’ll find the task easier. This applies to everything in life, from vacuuming the house to hitting the pavement for a jog. 

In terms of your plus size workout wear, there are essential items you need and things to look out for so you know they will work for you. Take a look at your wardrobe-must-haves, as recommended by a team that pretty much lives in activewear. 

Plus size activewear essentials

Great shoes

Unless you’re swimming or doing yoga/pilates, you will need shoes to wear while you work out. 

Invest in a quality pair of purpose-made shoes. If you’re jogging, choose the type of cushioning that suits your foot. Don’t forget to check the traction; you will need extra grip for trail running, for example. 

Make sure your shoe fits comfortably. Nowadays many brands cater to wide or narrow feet, or high/low insteps. You may also need to invest in additional arch support so you don’t injure yourself. 

Get some sports socks while you are at it. Sock technology is amazing these days and you can get non slip, compression socks that will support your performance and wick away moisture. Look for socks without toe seams and with left/right design if you want a premium workout sock. 

Tights in a few different lengths

A pair of bike shorts to work out in is great for summer as it protects your thighs but gives your legs that bit of extra breathing room. 

In winter you will probably be more comfortable in long tights/leggings. 

Make sure you look for fabric that has plenty of stretch in more than two directions. Find tights with a high waist and look for leggings with pockets! Check out our in-depth explainer on the best workout tights for more info about which plus size tights to choose. 

A supportive plus size crop top

Plus size crop tops are must-haves. Wear yours under a tee or tank, or pair it with a sports bra so you feel completely supported. 

Like your tights, your crop tops sits closely on your skin. Choose moisture-wicking, breathable fabric that will help keep you cool and look for flat lock stitching so you feel confident moving left, right, up and down. 

A quality sports bra

Your sports bra should be purpose-designed for your size, not just a regular bra in a bigger cut. 

For it to pass the ‘bounce test’, it needs to have nice wide shoulder straps and good coverage. Check out reviews before you buy. They will let you know if the bra is comfortable as well as supportive. 

A comfy throw-over

You’ll need something warm to wear as you start your workout or head home from the gym. 

Look for a long-line t-shirt or a sweater in a slim or loose fit, depending on what you prefer. Look for a lightweight sweater that steps it up a notch with thumbholes and pockets

In the colder months, you may want a puffer vest or jacket.

And don’t forget your head!

If you’re working out in the great outdoors, a hat is an activewear essential as well as a great plus size crop top and some quality tight/leggings. Good caps will have a band at the front to absorb sweat and have room at the back for your ponytail. 

In winter, a protective band can stop your ears from freezing on those crisp mornings. 

For indoor workouts, it’s only a tiny feature but a hairband that doesn’t come loose will make your gym session much more convenient. There’s nothing worse than sweaty hair in your eyes! 

Complete your activewear wardrobe with plus size crop tops, leggings and sweats from Active Truth. We design for all bodies so you can be comfortable and fully supported (and look great!) while you exercise. 

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