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The Best Morning Routine? Starts the Night Before

5 Evening Habits To Transform Your Day

I'm Nadia, founder of Active Truth, and I’m excited to share my favourite evening habits that have helped me start my mornings on the right foot. I used to wake up feeling rushed and unprepared, but with these simple practices, I've been able to tackle overwhelm and approach each day feeling energised and focused.

1) First up, I like to plan out my day before I end my workday. I use the 2x2x2 method where I write down my top two priorities for the day, two shorter tasks I need to accomplish, and two personal/admin activities to keep my life running smoothly. Setting smaller, achievable goals across both my work and personal life, increases my chances of hitting them.

Last night my list looked like:

- Review and provide feedback on new season Tights Design
- Meet with marketing team regarding Limited Edition product launches

Shorter Tasks
- Film content for Mama Feeding Crops for socials
- Book photographer for upcoming campaign shoot

- Book Bobby into vet for checkup
- Pick up boys medication from chemist

Defining what a ‘productive/successful’ day looks like is important. Everyone's version of this will be unique and different depending on personal circumstances.

2) Next, I end my workday with a shutdown ritual. This includes writing down tomorrow's plan, shutting down my laptop (don’t just close it - if you are anything like me, you have a million windows open - starting your day with all those pages open can be overwhelming), charging all my devices, tidying my desk, and closing the door. I even yell out "Mummy's home" to signal the end of my workday (even if no one is home it's a little fun - and Bobby the dog is always receptive). Bonus tip: don't let your phone be the first thing you reach for in the morning - charge it outside of the bedroom.

3) Another habit I swear by is laying out my workout clothes the night before. I lay out the whole kit - bra, tank, socks, tights, shoes, visor, and drink bottle. This saves me time and eliminates stress in the morning. When the alarm goes off at 5am, I just roll out and into my activewear.

4) I also make sure to do the dishes before bed. Dirty dishes can have a negative impact on our mindset and spill over into other areas of our life. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is the kids' lunchboxes, dishes, and a general tidy up. But if I don't, I spend the first hour or so of the morning doing it. For me, being able to train in the morning and having a clear mind to tackle priority tasks is key to managing my stress levels.

5) Lastly, I practice breathing using the 4-7-8 technique. Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. I used to listen to guided meditations to fall asleep, but I found it challenging having my phone in the bedroom (I can’t be trusted to stay off social media!).

This breathing technique helps me fall asleep faster and phone free, and also comes in handy if I'm feeling anxious or stressed during the day. I even use it when I’m waiting rather than staring at my phone like everyone else!

These habits may seem small, but they have a big impact on my overall well-being and productivity. Give them a try and see how they work for you! Remember, the key to the best morning routine is starting the night before.

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