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Top 5 Running Tips for Beginners

To celebrate the launch of our latest Move4Dignity print, we asked Nicole Bunyon of Running Mums Australia to share her top 5 running tips for beginners.

I love supporting the work that Share the Dignity does to help women in our community to feel empowered and get them back on their feet in times of need. Every woman should have the chance to feel strong and capable, and the work that Share the Dignity does helps women to believe that they are never alone. 

Through the work of Move4Dignity this year, we can help support these women through our footsteps. Running might be the movement of choice for you this year, so I have written down some tips to help you get started.

Nicole’s top 5 tips to get running…

1. Set yourself a goal. 
Like any challenge, it is good to set yourself a realistic goal to work towards. It might be running to the end of the street by the end of the week, running a 5k or a 10k or even a half marathon! It might be a time goal, or a pace goal. Whatever the goal is, remember you’ve got it in you, just commit to the work to get there.

2. Be consistent.
One of the best things you can do to improve in your running journey is be consistent. This means setting yourself a regular plan to get out there and run. It doesn’t have to be long, you just have to go. Regular short sessions done consistently will see you improve over the long run.

3. Keep it interesting.
Sometimes going the same route or doing the same workout can become monotonous and lead us to fall off the consistency wagon, so it is imperative that we mix it up and keep our runs interesting. That might mean planning a different route, heading to the trails, or changing up the sessions; for example, you could do intervals, hills, a longer run, a fast tempo run or an easy run! Mix it up and not only will your fitness improve, you will find you begin to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from mixing up your training.

4. Surround yourself with knowledge.
As you start your running journey, it is good to read and learn from other runners. You might read articles on the internet or through websites and Facebook networks like Running Mums Australia. Arm yourself with the tools to help you stay consistent, be accountable and prevent injury. Plus, it's good to have some friends who love to enjoy the journey with you! 

5. Recovery is key.
Training and consistency is important, but so is recovery. Pay attention to the days when you are feeling a little tight or tired, and perhaps rest and recover on those days. This will make the days that you do get out and run feel so much better. Remember, start slowly. Gradually increase your training by no more than 10% distance and intensity each week, and allow for some recovery weeks in between as you work up to your goal. 

Nicole Bunyon is the founder and director of Running Mums Australia, an Australia-wide running network for mums who love to run. You can join their running community of women on Facebook