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What are postpartum briefs?

Have you thought about postpartum briefs? If you are pregnant it is difficult to focus on anything other than your baby but your body’s needs are important too. 

Have a look at some important information about recovering from your baby’s delivery and why postpartum briefs will help you feel more like yourself sooner. 

Recovering after delivery

The Royal Women’s Hospital in Victoria recommends the following to help you to heal after a vaginal delivery.

Rest: Labour is physically intense. It is recommended to lay flat for at least half an hour twice a day. This will help regain your strength and reduce swelling around the vagina. It also takes pressure off your pelvic floor and lower abdominals.

Ice: Ice is useful for reducing swelling around the perineum. Try an ice pack in your pad for 20 minutes every two or three hours until the pain goes away. Wrap it in a cloth if you need to so the cold is not too much.

Compression: Compression around the groin will help to support the perineum and lower abdominal muscles. These areas will have worked hard during labour and need all the help they can get to get back into shape. The pressure helps with the pain and helps to speed up healing.

Given that compression is the third recommendation, it makes sense to have some underwear that help to do this job. 

What exactly are postpartum briefs?

Rest and ice are easy to do. For compression, the best method is a good pair of postpartum briefs. They are specially designed to compress and hold firmly your affected areas.

After you have your baby, you will have a ‘period’ that can last for a few weeks. Your postpartum briefs are cut to accommodate maternity pads, more so than regular underwear, giving you more confidence to leave the house when you feel ready. 

Postpartum briefs are ideal for c-section mamas because they tend to be high waisted. If you have a cesarean you will have an incision line right around where the elastic of your underpants usually sits. This is going to be at least uncomfortable if not actively painful. A good pair of high waisted postpartum briefs will be less likely to bother your stitches.

Finally, if you’re breastfeeding in cooler weather, postpartum briefs can help keep you warm. The compression band comes past your waist up to your ribs so you still have coverage when you’re lifting your shirt. 


What to look for when buying postpartum briefs

Comfort: You’re going to be in your postpartum briefs a lot. If they’re not comfortable, they won’t do you much good. Check reviews to see what other mums have said.

Compression: The best postpartum briefs will be specifically designed to compress the right areas. Briefs that don’t actively provide compression won’t be as effective in helping you to heal.

Fabric: Unfortunately, postpartum hormonal changes can make you sweaty. Breathable fabric is a good asset to look out for. 

Silhouette: Postpartum briefs come in all silhouettes but you will most likely want a high waistband, to give you a streamlined look. A low cut on the leg is also helpful (and comfy).

Wearability: Comfort is part of this but more importantly, can you wear them at all times? Well designed postpartum briefs will be wearable under your everyday clothes. 

Customer service: Look for easy returns. With online shopping being so necessary these days it may take a go or two to find the right fit. An easy return policy could be a saving grace but make sure you try your postpartum briefs on over your underwear before sending them back.


Postpartum briefs sizing tips

When buying postpartum briefs, shop your normal size. If you’re unsure, use your hip measurements in collaboration with the sizing guide to help choose your correct size. 

Finally, order your briefs early so you have them the moment you need them. Purchase in black and nude so you have a pair that goes with everything. Looking for quality postpartum briefs? The Active Truth range covers sizes XS to 3XL and is ideal for plus size mamas.

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