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What Makes Australia’s Best Plus Size Bathers?

Have you ever bought a great-looking pair of new bathers, only to notice the elastic wears out after you have only gone swimming a couple of times? 
Or worse…

Have you ever dived into the ocean and come up with your cossie waaaay out of place? It might have looked good on the sand but it certainly wasn’t made to stand up to the surf. Congratulations to your ‘tatas’ on making a surprise appearance in front of a crowd... *facepalm*

So not all bathers are created equal. There are a few factors that a great pair of swimmers needs so you are confident they won’t wear out immediately or leave you exposed in ways you weren’t planning. 

Before you buy your next cossie, check out what goes into making a decent pair. 

Plus size bathers Australia: what to look for

Quality material
A quality nylon/lycra combo will give your bathers stretch as well as strength. 

Nylon is a lovely smooth fabric that feels soft and is less likely to ‘pill’ after it rubs against your other clothes. It doesn’t absorb as much moisture as some other fabrics so you don’t feel as soggy after you swim. Nylon is streeeeeetchy and easy to wash. 

Lycra also gives good stretch and hugs your body in the right places. The benefit of lycra is it will retain its shape, so your swimwear lasts longer. 

Bonus points if your bathers support the Healthy Seas initiative, which aims to reduce marine litter and keep our oceans beautiful enough to swim in. 

When you purchase bathers, remember to follow the washing and care instructions. This will help you get more life out of them. 

Good coverage
Have you SEEN bathers lately? What happened to the bums?

The g-string swimsuit is in fashion but it’s definitely not for everyone. 

If you’re looking for a good pair of plus size bathers, you need to be able to see the bottom from the front when they are on the rack, if you know what we mean. A lower cut around the hips will sit nicely and save you from that horrible ‘riding up’ sensation. 

And speaking of coverage, if you’re spending long days in the sun, choose a swimming costume with a high back and UV protection. This will minimise your skin’s exposure to UV rays. 

Internal support
You can’t wear your bra in the water but you can look for plus size bathers in Australia that have them built in. 

Internal support makes your swimwear more flattering around the bust area and will also prevent those ‘ocean whoopsies’. 

The bonus of a plus size swimsuit with a shelf bra is you can more comfortably wear your bathers under your clothes when you’re out and about in summer. For an extra boost, look for removable cup pads that help shape your figure. 

If you’re breastfeeding, find a cossie with a front zip for added convenience. 

Super cool two pieces

A one piece swimsuit is a wardrobe staple but being plus size shouldn’t discount you from adding a two-piece to your collection. 

Bottoms with a high waist are totally on trend and if you’re not into string bikinis, choose to complete your separates crop top style. 

Look for adjustable straps so you can adjust your bather top to suit your body. 

Aussie made
If you’re looking for the best plus size bathers in Australia, go Australian made! It always feels good to know you are supporting local businesses and workers. 

The Active Truth range of plus size swimwear is made right here in Brisbane.

We are committed to providing high-quality bathers that you will love wearing time and time again. Shop our range for one pieces and two pieces in traditional and sports-luxe styles.