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Finding your perfect fit

We know how much trouble it can be trying to choose the perfect size in a new brand; you want the fit to be perfect, comfortable, and as amazing as all the reviews claim. This is why we provide a comprehensive Size Guide on our website, and encourage you to measure yourself to find your perfect fit. Our sizes range from a S to a 3XL, however because there is currently no standard size guidelines available in Australia, we recommend checking your measurements on our chart and adhering to our recommended measuring guide instead of just ordering your ‘normal’ size. 

Choosing your size Using our Size Guide and a measuring tape is the best way to find your AT size. As a starting point, our sizes measure from an 8 - 26 and fall within our own S - 3XL size tags. We provide a comprehensive list of where your measurements should fall to fit in these sizes, and should you be uncertain between two sizes, we always recommend sizing up. We pride ourselves on having created customised size patterns for each of our sizes (not just ‘upsizing’ our smallest pattern), so that they fit and flatter your body at every size. 

To utilise the size guide you will need 3 measurements - bust, waist and hips. We recommend your bust measurement is taken in line with your nipples, your waist measurement with your belly button, and your hip measurement should be taken in line with the widest part on or below your pelvis.

The fit and feel 
As our tights and crops are made from a compression-like fabric they should have a second-skin like fit to your body. It may feel really firm to begin with, and you might need to jiggle a little bit to get in there the first time; however with wear the material will mould to your body shape. Your fit should feel comfortable but firm, there should be no digging in or squeezing, and you should have full range of movement. During wear or a workout, the perfect tights should not roll down, sag or bunch in any area. If you find you’re having this problem, it is most likely that you are wearing the wrong size. The waistband of your tights should sit flat and firmly across your stomach. If it is rolling down, this usually means that your tights are too small as the compression is too tight. Alternatively, if you can see or feel bunched or sagging fabric across the front of your stomach, in the crotch area, or behind the knees, your tights are most likely too big. The biggest thing to note is that if you do end up with the wrong size, the tights will not feel or act as you expected and it is important you confirm your correct size to experience the real magic of our products. If you are moving around or exercising and you feel the need to readjust your tights in any area, you may need to change your size. 

The perfect length 
Just like we all come in various shapes and sizes, we know that women also come in different heights! This is why we design our tights in 3 different lengths, depending on the availability, season and demand. Because every body is different, some lengths may appear longer or shorter on your own body than you expect (or than they appear on the model). Choosing a length that is perfect to you can be dependant on when you wear your activewear. If you live in a warmer climate, a  ¾ style might be preferable if you exercise outside in the heat. Alternately if you do pilates and low impact classes, our full length style might be your length of choice. We always recommend checking the inseam measurement on our product page, and comparing it on your body to see where it will sit on you when making your final choice.

Your pregnancy size
Our maternity tights are designed to offer support and relief for your body at any stage of pregnancy. It is important to choose the correct size to benefit from the supportive fit which promotes core stability and reduces pelvic pressure, back and hip pain. They can be worn from your first trimester all the way through your pregnancy and can be worn as a transition piece for post-partum recovery. When choosing your perfect size in our maternity range, we always recommend starting with your ‘pre pregnancy’ size. It is best to check your current hip measurement and compare it with the guidelines on our Size Guide (LINK) to find your perfect size. Our tights are designed to grow with you in the waistband and the compression fit assists in reducing swelling and soreness.  

Need a hand choosing your perfect size? Send a message to and our Customer Care team can give you custom advice.