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Active Truth Shines on the Runway at the Big Boobie Bash!

It's time to celebrate boobs of all sizes! At Active Truth, we are passionate about empowering women and celebrating diversity. We were thrilled to participate in the recent Big Boobie Bash, an event that embraced and appreciated breasts in all their unique glory. Whether you're a member of the A-Team or have melons that would make a fruit salad jealous, the Big Boobie Bash brought together a community of strong and confident women. We were honoured to showcase our activewear and make a statement on the runway.

The Big Boobie Bash, the brainchild of Georgia Lashman, also known as @confessions_of_a_gcup, celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of breasts. It provided a platform for women to connect, share stories, and uplift one another. The day's highlight was an awe-inspiring runway show featuring a diverse lineup of women proudly wearing Australian designers and brands, including Active Truth. From lingerie to swimwear and dresses, the runway exhibited a variety of styles that celebrated different body shapes and sizes.

As a women-led brand, Active Truth strives to empower and support women at every stage of their lives. We firmly believe in the power of body positivity and self-acceptance. That's why our crop tops and sports bras are meticulously designed to champion confidence in the wearer and provide a perfect fit for every size and shape.

When it comes to activewear, a well-fitting and supportive sports bra is a must-have to reduce bounce and let you focus on your workout. We offer a selection of crop top bras designed with fit in mind, whether you're engaging in low-impact activities like yoga and pilates or high-impact sessions that involve running and jumping. Our range includes classic black sports bras and vibrant colours and prints that can be paired with your favourite tights for a coordinated look.

Shop our collection of sports crops and find the perfect supportive fit for your preferred way of moving. Our popular zip-front and back clasp sports bras provide medium to high support, ideal for quick changes after a sweaty workout. For lighter exercises, our low-impact bras are a comfortable choice.

Our bestselling Glow Utility Crop, featuring adjustable straps and a hook & eye clasp, is a favourite among our customers. Some styles even come with insert pockets for removable padding, allowing you to customise your level of support. All our crop tops are made from performance fabric that's compressive, moisture-wicking, and breathable for maximum comfort.

At Active Truth, we take pride in being a size-inclusive brand stocking sizes 6 to 26. Our plus-size sports bra options are available across our entire range, not just for select styles. We always recommend using your measurements to select the correct size, or you can reach out to our customer care team at, who are fit experts dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit.

Active Truth has also gained a cult following for our award-winning maternity breastfeeding range. We understand the unique needs of pregnant women and those in the postpartum stage. Our breastfeeding crop bras, voted #1 Best Nursing Sports Bra in the SELF Fitness Awards, feature innovative magnetic clasps that offer secure and hassle-free functionality. We're proud to take the juggle out of breastfeeding, allowing new mums to focus on the precious moments with their little ones.

We cherish the incredible community of women who trust and support our brand. Being a part of their lives and journeys is an honour we hold dear. Giving back is a value we hold close to our hearts, and we actively seek opportunities to support and uplift women within our community. The Big Boobie Bash perfectly aligns with our values, and we were thrilled to participate in an event that celebrates and advocates for women's empowerment.

The Big Boobie Bash was an inspiring celebration of body positivity, confidence, and inclusivity. Active Truth's presence on the runway was a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering women and embracing diversity. We're grateful for the opportunity to participate in events that promote self-love and encourage women to embrace their bodies with pride. As we continue our mission, we invite you to join us in championing confidence, celebrating individuality, and supporting one another on this incredible life journey. Together, we can create a world where all women feel empowered and beautiful just as they are. After all, who doesn't need more support in their lives?

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