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"Deck of cards" simple at-home bodyweight workout

Are you starting to find your quarantine workouts boring? Looking for a fun, motivating and quick full-body exercise routine you can do at home?

We're loving the deck of cards workout to mix up your usual sweat session.

Grab a deck of cards (or download a free app if you don't have one!)

Assign an exercise to each suit. Here's a nice beginners option:

Hearts: Sit ups

Diamonds: Push ups

Clubs: Squats

Spades: Star jumps

Joker: Mountain climbers

Place the deck of cards face down. Flip the first card. The number on the card equals the number of reps of the exercise.

Number Cards: amount of reps (ex: 5 of hearts = 5 reps of sit ups)

Face cards: 13 reps

Aces: 15 reps

Joker: 20 reps

Keep flipping until the deck is complete!

Here are some ideas to mix this up even further:

— Partner workout. Use the same deck but assign different suit/exercise combinations to each person.

— EMOM. Choose more difficult exercises and flip a card every minute on the minute to give yourself some much-needed rest. The faster you complete the exercise the longer break you get.

— Add weights. 'Nuff said.

— Make it focused. Choose four leg exercises, four upper body exercises, or four core exercises to really feel the burn!


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