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3 tips to get the most out of working out at home

By Adriana Solorzano, Founder — Noosa Barre 

Getting fit & feeling good doesn't have to be so inconvenient or expensive. Building strength, reducing stress, and feeling good can be 100% doable and 0% overwhelming. The key is to find ways of blending it into your lifestyle.

When I became a mum, even as an instructor, attending a studio class more than once, sometimes twice per week became increasingly inconvenient. Instead of it being something to look forward to it became this stressful juggle. That is when I decided to listen to the advice that I’d given my clients over the years. The way you move needs to support the stage of life you’re at, it should replenish your energy and it needs to be flexible so that it’s achievable.

Studio classes are amazing but if you’re struggling to get to a class due to work schedules, family obligations, budgets or perhaps the desire for privacy, follow these recommendations and you’ll soon create workout from home habits that’ll leave you feeling like a new woman!

1. Dedicate a space for your movement

Designating a part of your home to use as your dedicated movement space is a sure way to keep you coming back for more. You’ll waste less time creating a space each time you’re ready to move, you’ll have all that you need in one spot, and your brain and body will begin to recognise this space as your space to move and breathe. Keep this space clean and clear of clutter to help remove any barriers when it comes time for your next workout.

2. Stay present

Put your phone and computer in another room if possible, or place them in aeroplane mode so you can be focused and committed without distraction. Let family members know you’ll be taking some personal time to take care of yourself.

3. Schedule the time for yourself.

Working out from home is definitely convenient, but in reality, too much flexibility can oftentimes make it more challenging to prioritise it. To keep yourself committed, schedule your workouts into your calendar just as you would any meeting, and keep the time consistent. Routines can be as simple as a 10-minute mindful movement sequence to get you moving gently and breathing deeply. Getting in quality daily movement doesn’t require a lot of time and if scheduled in you’ll find you have greater productivity at work and more energy for everything else that’s important in your life.

Working out from home can be convenient, affordable, and effective. Taking the time to create a designated workout space, minimising any possible distractions, setting a schedule you can stick to, can significantly improve your success in maintaining a routine in the comfort of your own home.

Get started now with this 10 minute gentle mindful movement sequence. Simply roll out your mat and press play.