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Tips on getting back to the gym

By Kate Mackay, WIFA Professional 

Here's some tips for your first visit back to the gym....

It's super exciting that we can begin to access our gym facilities again across Australia as the COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease.

Before your first visit, here's a couple of tips to keep in mind.

- Ease into itBefore you jump into your Body Attack, spin class or pick up your dumbbells, you might need to be a cautious. During coronavirus, we may have missed out on the incidental exercise such as walking to work, so be kind to yourself. Make sure you take some time to warm up (3-4 minutes on a treadmill / bike and some dynamic mobility to get those joints into gear) and stretch at the end of your workout. Don't try and do all of the exercises at once, stick to a few (try our resistance bands workout) to ease yourself back into it and give your body time to adjust.

- Does your gym have a COVID-19 safe plan? All gyms must have a COVID-19 safe place in place. This plan covers how the business sets out to prepare for staff and customers, to prevent infection and the businesses response if there is a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case. For a gym, this would include the hygiene measures in place (cleaning, disinfecting), moving equipment around to provide adequate social distancing space, additional hand sanitising stations, showers, change rooms and water stations may be closed, and potentially booking in for the gym and/or group fitness classes.

- Use the expertsIf you're returning to the gym or starting as a new member, book in to see one of the qualified trainers. They will be able to provide guidance on how to use the equipment and create a workout plan that is specific to your goals.

- Find your new normal routine and have fun! It's safe to say that our normal routine was completely turned upside down when COVID-19 hit. Now is the time to find our new-normal. Pace yourself and take things gradually. It might feel like you're taking baby steps at first but enjoy the process and soak it up!

Kate says:

AT gave me the confidence to wear coloured and patterned tights! Previous to this, I had been a 'back tights only' girl through and through! I absolutely love wearing your tights and tops! I have members asking me all the time where I purchase my tights and tops from as they love them too!

I love the ethos of this brand and what it represents. As women, we are all held to an impossibly high standard and it's important that we support and uplift each other (just like great active wear!). Since having my son, I now understand the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong tribe of women and that's what I hope to do as part of the Active Truth tribe. 


Kate has been working at The Forum, Newcastle University Sport for the last 11 years as part of the senior leadership team and a group fitness instructor.

The Forum venues are based at The University of Newcastle Callaghan Campus and in the Honeysuckle precinct, operating 7 days per week and catering for over 4,000 members with access to over 120 group fitness classes. 

Kate holds a Certificate IV in Fitness and is trained in multiple Les Mills programs.