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How to include Traditional Place names in your mailing address

You can now add the Traditional Place name in your address when you order from Active Truth

We are supporting Gomeroi woman Rachel McPhail’s campaign to include Indigenous Traditional Place names on mailing addresses to celebrate First Nations people. This initiative is backed by Australia Post when you are sending mail and parcels as an opportunity to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land.

“I'd love to see Aussie businesses, universities, banks, MyGov, PayPal, Star Track, Uber etcetera asking people for the traditional place name as part of the address information when people are filling in the forms or going through the online checkout,” Ms McPhail said in this ABC article.

Where to include the Traditional Place name in your address

You can add the Traditional Place name in the company address line as shown below at our checkout page.

 add traditional place name to your address

If you’re entering your address somewhere that doesn't have a designated space like we do, then the advice from Australia Post for letters and packages is to add the Traditional Place name below any names and above the street address.

Is there a register of Traditional Place names in Australia?

You can find your traditional place name through the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia.

Or speak to the Elders or lands council of a community for traditional place name information.


For more information on Rachel McPhail’s campaign to ask Australia Post to create a database of Traditional Place names visit her Instagram at @place_names_in_addresses