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Five must-haves for leggings you will love stepping out in

Your workout leggings are an investment so they need to tick every box when it comes to feeling awesome, looking great and being a practical addition to your daily life. 

We’re obsessed with creating the best ever activewear so here is our rundown on all the key must-haves for your leggings. Take a look and let us know if there is anything else you always keep an eye out for! 

#1 Leggings with pockets

They don’t have to be roomy pockets but tights/leggings should have somewhere to keep a house key, bank card and your phone (even if it’s a heavy iPhone). 

This feature means you don’t have to hold your phone or put up with it swinging around in your jacket as you go for a run. You will also have some funds in case you decide to grab a coffee on the way home. 

Active Truth Training style leggings with pockets come in multiple colours and prints and in sizes from S to 3XL. They have two hip pockets and one hidden pocket in the waistband so you can comfortably stash your essentials while you’re on the move. 

Leggings with pockets

#2 High rise waistband

As well as pockets, your leggings should feature a high rise waistband. 

Having this additional coverage is not only comfortable, the extra fabric gives you the freedom to move without worrying that your undies are going to make a surprise appearance. 

The firm compression around your core can help remind you to engage it (depending on the workout you are doing), while also promoting better posture. This helps you develop strong stomach and back muscles so you can get more from your workouts. 

A high waist means you can also have some fun! Choose a crop top in a complementary colour and show a bit of skin if you want to. 

#3 Squat-proof material

Now you have somewhere to stash your phone and cash as well as a more reliable level of coverage, it’s time to think about the see-through factor.

Have you ever been behind someone in a yoga class whose pants don’t pass the ‘squat test’? Not that we’re judging... but if you would rather not put on a show in that area, seek out a brand that has taken this into consideration. 

Go for zero transparency with your leggings/tights… yes it’s possible!

Leggings with pockets

#4 Eight-way stretch

Speaking of squats, you want to be able to get aaaaallll the way down and aaaaall the way back up without splitting a seam during your workout. 

Low-quality leggings, even if they have pockets and good coverage, won’t work with you while you work out. They will limit the way you move and you’ll notice that you feel restricted. 

Check before you buy that your new gear has excellent stretch-ability or try it on in-store and do a few moves in the change room.

#5 Flat lock seams

You don’t want to be thinking about what you’re wearing when you’re working out. 

The ‘flat lock’ stitching technique is better for reinforcement and comfort. It means your seams won’t chafe while you work out, plus they have a stronger hold… even during those intense yoga poses. 

Once you have checked off leggings with pockets, high waist coverage, the ‘squat test’ and comfy stitching, you might also want to look for activewear that offers UV protection to save you from sunburn and moisture-wicking to keep you cool while you work out. 

Want leggings that tick every box? Check out Active Truth to find a huge range of colours, lengths, maternity and recovery leggings (with pockets included)

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