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How to stay motivated and stick to an exercise routine

Starting a new exercise routine always feels great but as the days roll into weeks and months, how do you stay motivated? 

Take a look at some of our tips, plus some quotes from others. 

How to stay motivated: reward yourself 

Do you have a specific target like being able to run or swim a certain distance, reclaim your pre-baby weight (don’t rush yourself, ok?) or ticking off an awesome goal like mastering chin-ups? 

You will find it easier to stay motivated if you break it down into small ‘chunks’ and reward yourself each time you complete a stage. 

Your reward can be something simple like a bubble bath or it can be a huge shopping spree but it will help to have something to work towards so you stay on track. Give yourself a goal and a timeframe. Figure out ahead of time what your reward will be so it’s at the front of your mind. 

Work out with a friend

Wondering how to stay motivated? Bring a friend or family member along on your journey. Set your alarm knowing there will be someone waiting for you at the gym or even outside your door in the morning. It makes it a lot easier to find the inspiration to get out of bed! 

If your friend struggles with motivation themselves, loop in someone else to push you both to show up. 

Find your mantra

“Heroism is endurance for one moment more” 

“Don’t stop until you’re proud”

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”

Finding a quote or saying that resonates with you can help to keep you motivated when you don’t feel like lacing up your trainers. 

Stick it on your fridge or next to your bed and remind yourself of why you started making the effort in the first place. 

Invest in some awesome activewear

There is a lot to be said for feeling great about what you have on.

When you have great quality, great looking activewear in your wardrobe, you’ll be more excited to jump into it and hit the ground running. 

Find a set of tights, a crop top and a few tees that are made for your size and invest in some good shoes and a gym bag. Having these to hand will support your workouts by making you feel comfortable and confident. 

Enter a race, fun run or contest

You are likely to be more serious about your workouts if you have a big goal to work towards. 

It could be an adventure race, your local City2Surf if you have one or something new like a triathlon. You will need to train if you want to cross the finish line so take a deep breath, sign up and make a training schedule to prepare for the event. 

Mix it up

Speaking of triathlons, going for a run isn’t the only way to exercise. 

Vary your routine with different activities like swimming, cycling or even a dance lesson. So long as you are working up a sweat and boosting your heart rate, it doesn’t matter what you do. 

For anyone trying to figure out how to stay motivated, a change can be as good as a holiday. 

Don’t let excuses hold you back

It is easy to find an excuse not to exercise. If you want to stay motivated, remove obstacles. For example, block time in your diary to work out so you don’t skip it because you are busy. Let your family know you need the time you have set aside and remind them it is a priority for you. 

If running has given you a sore back, go and see someone about it or switch to something less impactful like pilates or barre class. 

Good luck! Remember, it’s ok to have a bad day sometimes but focus on the rewards of working out and you will find it easier to stay motivated and stick to an exercise routine. 

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