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How often should you exercise while pregnant

Exercising while pregnant is safe, as long as you know your limits and aren’t classed as a high-risk pregnancy by your doctor.

If you’re pregnant and wondering how much to exercise, here are some helpful tips.

The guidelines for physical activity within the Australian Government Department of Health suggest that while pregnant, a woman should engage in 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity, 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise, or a combination of both, each week

Whether you’re a seasoned pro and live in your workout wear, or you’re not sure where to start, we’ve broken the recommendations down for you based on fitness level.

How much do you usually exercise?

#1 On a scale of never to almost never

Start with baby steps (pun intended). If you’ve never committed to exercising in your pre bump days, now’s not the time to register for Ironman.

Get moving…slowly! Even five minutes a day is a great way to start building up your fitness while pregnant.

Taking a walk around your neighbourhood, the beach, or a beautiful garden can be the perfect way to get started. Walking is low impact, it gets you moving and it won’t place too much stress on your body. The fresh air is also beneficial to your mental health so you are winning all around.

#2 Regular mover and shaker

If you’re a regular gym-goer or play competitive sports, a brisk walk may not cut it for you. 

You can still stick to an exercise routine of cardio and weight training if the weight isn’t too heavy. Make sure to consult your doctor first and ask about a safe strength training limit for yourself.

According to The Bump, core and leg exercises while pregnant can help to strengthen the lower body. This can lead to a decrease in severe pain you might feel in your lower back during childbirth.

Try some exercises with a stability ball, if you’re feeling strong add in some plank holds too. These will be some of the best core-strengthening exercises throughout pregnancy. 

Speak to an expert to see what’s recommended. For example, they will probably advise you not to do crunches while you’re pregnant. 

#3 Super hooked on endorphins

If you’ve done high-intensity training most of your life and still want to be able to continue these workouts during pregnancy, make sure you consult your obstetrician and sports medicine specialist first.

With their guidance and monitoring, you’ll be able to put together a reasonable training regime so you feel like yourself.

Remember, the further you get along in your pregnancy, the more you will have to pace yourself. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to get your workout fix once bub arrives safe and sound.

Looking for a few more exercise ideas? Check out our blog on the five best exercises for pregnancy, which will get you moving in no time.

More about exercising while pregnant

It’s important not to push yourself too far or go too hard. Listening to your body closely is key when trying to soak up the amazing benefits of exercising while pregnant. If done correctly, you will:

  • Manage stress better
  • Prepare your body for childbirth
  • Feel better in your own skin
  • Get fit for the endless cardio you will eventually be doing, chasing after the little ones  

    Along with plenty of information online, you’ll also be able to find trainers in your area who specialise in pregnancy workouts. They will guide you through workouts for all stages of pregnancy, and make sure you’re doing it safely.

    What to wear…

    Not only are maternity leggings and crops stylish and super comfy — they also keep everything in place and are great for core support while you work out. 

    Empower yourself with some good quality maternity leggings and you’ll feel confident and covered as your pregnancy progresses. 

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