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How to start working out at the gym

So, it’s time. 

No more excuses, nowhere else to hide.

The gym is calling.

But how do you start working out at the gym and what do you need to know? 

Here are some tips to boost your knowledge of the gym and your confidence about rocking up to your local fitness centre to work out. 

Find the gym that’s right for you
Before you start working out, find a gym that suits you. 

Nowadays there are so many options from big chains to 24/7 facilities. You can train just with women, on your own, with a group or mix it up. Your workout may be limited to a quick time period (we’re looking at you, F45) or you can go at your own pace. 

It’s not just the facilities, the training style and the equipment. The best gym is also about the smiles. You need to feel happy and welcome when you walk through the doors or you won’t go back. 

Check out the gym first, do a free trial session if you can and get to know the trainers you will be working with. Have a look at the change rooms, how the equipment is positioned and just check out the overall ‘vibe’. 

Start working out

Hire a trainer
If you have never used a treadmill, a rower or a weight machine, it makes sense to spend at least an hour with a trainer from the gym.

You don’t have to pay them every week if you don’t want to but they can run you through the best ways to use the equipment and show you how it all works. 

Ask someone to walk you through the gym’s ‘etiquette’ as well, for example wiping down the equipment after use and not staying on each machine for too long during busy periods. 

Another alternative is to hire a trainer for the first few sessions. They can plan some fitness activities that will help you reach your goal and help you establish a good routine. You’ll find if you do this that you get better results from the time you spend training. 

Start off slow
Setting the stationary bike to ‘ludicrous speed’ on your first workout session won’t get you far! 

Instead, start off with a pace you can handle. There’s no shame in being a beginner when you start working out and nobody will judge you for it. It’s better to build up your strength and stamina rather than injuring yourself.

You may want to join the gym with a friend so you can start working out together and not feel like you are entering a brave new world all alone. 

Look the part
You’ll feel better when you start working out if you have some great gear that you love to wear so find a great pair of tights, a supportive crop top and some cool threads to throw over the top.

Smart, moisture-wicking fabric is your friend when you’re working out with other people. Extra points if it is breathable so it keeps you cool. And check the ‘squat factor’! Activewear shouldn’t go see-through when you bend over. 

Quality gym gear is a good investment. Look for a brand that has a range of options across sizes and caters to different body types

How to start working out: Don’t go all in straight away
It happens a lot. We get excited, join the gym, go twenty times in a month then wind up with an injury. It takes six weeks to recover and then we’re just not that into it. Why go somewhere that causes so much pain!

Take it easy to begin with and limit yourself to around three visits per week. This way, you’ll give your enthusiasm the chance to build, not rapidly peak then fall away. 

Have fun
Your gym should feel welcoming, supportive and positive. Add to the culture by smiling at the people you see; they are probably feeling every bit as nervous as you are. 

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