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Move in May — 1 minute challenge

Keep your body moving and your endorphins flowing with our Move in May one minute challenge.

Whether you're struggling to find the motivation to get moving or you're smashing your home workouts, it's a chance to connect, inspire others and try some new moves!

How to Play

1. See the daily movement video on our Instagram and Facebook stories. They're all basic moves and can be adapted to your ability level.

2. Snap a photo or take a video of yourself doing the daily move for one minute. Don’t worry if you’re not an awesome photographer — we don’t all have a ring light and an insta-boyfriend! It’s not a competition, it’s about being part of a community.  Get creative and have some fun.

3. Share your photo. You can do this anywhere or any way you like. On Instagram use the #ATMoveinMay hashtag and tag us @activetruth in your post or story. Or post in our private Facebook group and encourage others who are joining in too!

Each week we will share a selection of your photos that have used the  #ATMoveInMay hashtag on our social media accounts.

Let's get moving in May!