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Pregnancy: Leg Health is Essential

6 in 10 women discover their first varicose vein during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time filled with changes, both beautiful and challenging. As your body adapts to support the growth of your baby, it exerts pressure on your legs. It is crucial to prioritise the well-being of your legs during this transformative journey. Active Truth is here to guide you on the path to maintaining fit and healthy legs throughout your pregnancy. Discover the benefits of graduated compression tights for your leg health during this special time.

The Impact of Pregnancy on Leg Health

Embrace the Changes: Pregnancy brings significant transformations, from hormonal shifts causing hot flushes, nausea, and mood swings, to alterations in your blood circulation. Hormonal influences during pregnancy can lead to faster blood clotting and vein dilation, potentially hindering proper blood flow and increasing the risk of vein-related issues such as varicose veins and blood clots.

Trimester by Trimester: As your baby grows, your body changes substantially. Blood volume increases, and the growing uterus applies direct pressure on your veins, potentially obstructing blood flow and affecting your venous system.

Understanding Leg Symptoms and Risks

The Weight on Your Legs: During pregnancy, you may experience symptoms such as heavy, tired, and aching legs, as well as swollen feet. Surprisingly, approximately 6 in 10 women discover their first varicose vein during pregnancy, with varicose veins often appearing around the fourth month.

Risk Factors: Certain factors can increase the likelihood of developing venous disorders during pregnancy. These include smoking, hereditary predisposition, pre-existing venous conditions, multiple pregnancies, and prolonged periods of sitting or standing.

Embrace the Benefits of Graduated Compression

Taking Action: By embracing the use of graduation pregnancy tights like Active Truth’s Mama Pregnancy Range, you can proactively support your leg health during pregnancy. Graduated compression garments are the gold standard for preventing venous insufficiency and are often recommended by health professionals for the entire duration of your pregnancy and postpartum. Mama Pregnancy Tights promote healthy blood circulation, may assist in alleviating leg discomfort, and helps reduce swelling. Experience lighter, more energised legs while also preventing the development of varicose veins.

Postpartum Support: Remember, venous insufficiency associated with pregnancy does not immediately disappear after giving birth. Your medical team may recommend that you wear graduated compression garments for at least six weeks postpartum. This ensures the ongoing well-being of your legs during the recovery phase.

5 Tips for Healthy Legs During Pregnancy

Keep Moving: Active legs are healthier legs. Avoid prolonged periods of standing or sitting and prioritise frequent moderate physical exercise, such as walking, swimming, or hiking. Maintaining an active lifestyle contributes to overall leg health and your well-being.

Compression is Key: Wear Mama Pregnancy leggings to promote blood circulation and provide support throughout the day. Explore our maternity products range designed specifically for your needs.

Rest and Elevate: When resting, especially at night or during the day, find comfort by elevating your legs slightly. This practice helps reduce pressure and promotes better blood flow.

Temperature Awareness: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat from sunbathing, hot baths, or saunas, as excessive heat can cause vein dilation and induce swelling.

Massage: Whether it is your partner, friend or paid professional, treat yourself to some me time with a pregnancy massage. Make sure you look for professionals with appropriate certifications who understand the demands pregnancy has on your legs.

Bonus Tip 1: Did you know that graduated compression garments may also aid in alleviating morning sickness? Research has shown that wearing compression garments during early pregnancy can provide relief from nausea and vomiting, comparable to pharmaceutical medications.

Compression Garments for a Healthy Pregnancy

Doctor's Recommendation: Your healthcare provider may have already recommended or prescribed compression garments as the standard treatment for preventing DVT and managing venous insufficiency. Embrace this simple and drug-free solution, suitable for women of all body shapes and stages of pregnancy. If you are experiencing any pregnancy-related issues, ensure that you discuss this with your healthcare provider.

Pregnancy and Beyond: Prioritise the health of your legs throughout your pregnancy journey. From the moment you start using compression garments, you'll feel its beneficial effects. Pregnancy compression leggings can be worn from the beginning of pregnancy to full term and also provide additional benefits in postpartum, especially the first six weeks. Alternatively you can explore Active Truth’s Postnatal Recovery range which are designed specifically for postpartum (cannot be worn during pregnancy).

A Healthy Future: Energetic and healthy legs enable you to fully enjoy precious moments with your baby. Compression garments not only support your leg health during pregnancy but also continue to provide vitality, lightness, and freedom long after your little one arrives. Prioritise your leg health and embrace the benefits of pregnancy leggings for a healthy and happy pregnancy journey and beyond.

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