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Shopping for Plus Size Maternity Clothes

When it comes to plus size maternity clothes shopping can be tough! It’s not easy to find larger sizes to wear during pregnancy, and with your body constantly changing from week-to-week it's hard to know when to invest in maternity pieces and where to shop.

For most women shopping online will be your best option to find a wider range of maternity styles to wear, especially for sizes 2XL and up. Look for stores that offer easy returns so you can order knowing that you can return or exchange your purchase if the fit isn’t right for you.

Instead of buying everything you need at the beginning of your pregnancy we suggest filling your online carts early, but buying as you need. You can’t be sure of how your bump will grow, how much weight you will gain, and what clothes you’ll find yourself reaching for in the first trimester.

If you’re keeping to a budget, find clothes that have a good stretch to wear for as long as possible during your pregnancy. It’s worth investing in fewer, quality pieces that you’ll wear on repeat, rather than a lot of cheaper items that are uncomfortable and won’t last the distance.

Of course we can’t talk about pregnancy wardrobes without mentioning our Mama Pregnancy Tights (S to 3XL) that are a staple for thousands of women during pregnancy and postpartum. The tights not only make you look and feel great through every trimester (one pair will last the distance!), they also provide support with gentle compression to help with those aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

Here’s why you should add these plus size pregnancy leggings to your maternity wardrobe:

1. They are super comfortable

“Okay, can we talk about these Active Truth pregnancy leggings for a minute? As a plus-size mama-to-be, I was skeptical, but holy moly, these leggings are the real deal! They're like wearing a cloud on my legs. The fabric is soooo soft and stretchy, hugging my growing belly in all the right places. I feel like a comfy queen strutting my stuff!”

2. They lift and support your baby bump

"Listen up, fellow curvy mums! Active Truth knows how to give our beautiful bellies the love they deserve. These pregnancy leggings are like a cozy hug for my bump. The high-rise waistband is the BFF I never knew I needed. It gently cradles my belly, saying, "Hey, girl, I got your back (or belly)!" It's like having a personal support team for my tummy."

3. They keep you cool

"Alright, let's get real for a sec. Sweating like a marathon runner during pregnancy is not a cute look. But these Active Truth leggings? They've got my back (and my booty) covered. The fabric is like a magic sweat-wicking superhero, keeping me cool and dry, even when I'm waddling around like a penguin. Say goodbye to the dreaded swamp crotch, my friends!"

4. The fit is amazing

"Shoutout to Active Truth for making us plus-size mamas feel seen and included! Their pregnancy leggings are a true confidence booster. The fit is on point, hugging my curves without making me feel like a stuffed sausage. It's like they were made for us fabulous ladies with extra love to give. So let's rock these leggings and show the world that plus-size pregnancy is fierce!"

5. They look great

"You know what's a crime? Plus-size maternity wear that makes us feel frumpy. But fear not, my friends, because Active Truth has cracked the code! Their pregnancy leggings are not only comfy but also seriously stylish. I'm talking prints and patterns that make me feel like a fashionable mama. Finally, leggings that say, "Hey world, I'm rocking this baby bump!"

Shop our maternity activewear range now and enjoy free shipping over $150, and free and easy returns.

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