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The best pants for your pregnancy

Goodbye waistline!

It’s only temporary but the rapid expansion of your middle is obviously one of the biggest changes brought on by pregnancy.

If you have reached the point where your high-waisted jeans aren’t gonna button up, take a look at some different pant options for pregnancy, including the best maternity leggings. 

Maternity leggings/tights

You will never regret having a high quality pair of maternity leggings in your wardrobe for at least the second half of your pregnancy. Note that there is a difference between basic leggings, which have the shape for maternity but don’t offer much support, and activewear, which is created to function the way you need to as you work out. 

If you invest in the right pair of maternity tights, you’ll be able to wear them when you are working out, doing yoga, resting on the couch or catching up with friends. Look for flat-lock stitching so the seams don’t rub and ‘squat-proof’ fabric that doesn’t go see-through when you bend over.

The best maternity leggings are designed for more than convenience. They have full ‘over the bump’ coverage and clever fabric that supports your tum as well as your back now that the pressure is on in this area. Once you reach the stage in your pregnancy where the ‘relaxin’ hormone is causing you pain in your hips and lower back, a good pair of pregnancy leggings can help to ease your discomfort. 

Go for a pregnancy legging with a pocket if you plan to more or less live in these pants while you’re pregnant. Grab a few pairs in different lengths and colours, including a maternity bike short for warmer weather. 

Maternity jeans

Yes you can still wear jeans when you are pregnant. A good maternity jean has plenty of stretch so you don’t feel restricted. 

There are different options, including jeans with a soft, low waistband designed to sit under your belly without making you feel uncomfortable. Other brands look like jeans from the hip down but also have an elastic ‘bump cover’ that comes up near rib height. Wearing these will save you from the dreaded plumbers crack… and as a tip they can also be helpful as a warm under-layer after your baby arrives (this makes a big difference if you are breastfeeding outdoors in winter). 

Maternity slacks

Another investment is a nice pair of work pants which you can also wear to parties or functions when you’re expecting. 

Like many of the best maternity leggings and jeans, these pants are designed with the additional waist fabric to sit over your bump and give you good skin coverage. 

There are plenty of quality, trendy maternity slacks and you don’t have to go with a wide leg if you don’t want to. A black pair of pencil trousers made for maternity will look great under a looser fitting blouse. 


Ditch the waistband all together with a fun pair of overalls in classic black, denim or a bright colour. Look for a maternity-specific pair with a relaxed fit. You can use these to nurse in later down the track. 

Maternity PJ pants

Softness is the key word for your jammies when you’re pregnant. Treat yourself to a couple of pairs with super stretchy waistbands and matching tops. You’ll probably be wearing them at some stage in the hospital so choose a quality pair that you don’t mind wearing in front of people. A matching robe will make your pjs feel even more special. 


If you’re pregnant in summer, grab a couple of pairs of lightweight shorts that aren’t restrictive around the waist. You can keep it simple with an under-bump drawstring or go for a more tailored pair with more coverage and support. 

Looking for the best maternity leggings that you can wear to the gym and just about everywhere else? Shop the Active Truth collection to find a wide range of colours and leg lengths. 

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