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What to wear after having a c-section

Every birth experience is extraordinary and a c-section birth is no exception. 

Welcoming your child into the world this way leaves you recovering from major surgery as well as having a brand new baby to look after. 

When you are getting over a c-section, your comfort is important. You need to feel ok so you can step up to the plate of being a mamma. 

Here’s some advice on what to wear after a c-section.

Post c-section recovery tights

A pair of maternity recovery tights is a must-have for any new mother. 

After a c-section, these are extra helpful as they will help you feel secure and supported across your middle. 

Here’s what to look for in your postnatal recovery tights:

  • Compression fit to increase circulation, aid healing and reduce swelling
  • Squat-proof fabric
  • A fit that is comfortable for all-day wear
  • Tights that are designed in consultation with womens’ health experts to target specific postpartum issues including: Instability of the hips and pelvis post-birth, lower back pain, abdominal muscle separation (DRAM) or weakness and pelvic floor issues.
  • Plenty of flexibility for movement so they don’t irritate your c-section scar
  • Extra high waistband for tummy coverage when you are breastfeeding
  • Pockets for convenience

        If your baby arrives in summer you can shop for a post c-section bike short which you can wear on warmer days. 

        The advantage of recovery tights or bike shorts is that you can wear them like your regular clothes and get the benefit of garments that are designed to help you feel better, sooner. 

        High waist or c-section undies

        In the early days after your c-section, you probably won’t want anything rubbing against your scar. 

        High waisted undies may not be the most flattering but they save you from having an elastic band rubbing right where you feel the most sensitive. 

        Purchase a few disposable pairs for the first few days post-op or invest in a glam pair that makes you feel a bit fabulous despite all the drama going on around your nether regions. 

        When you're ready, our postpartum compression recovery underwear can support you. They are designed to reduce swelling and support your abdominal muscles, and worn under your clothes. 

        Nursing dress

        A lovely maternity dress or two will be ideal if you are very uncomfortable and sensitive in the ‘delivery zone’. 

        As you’re likely to be breastfeeding, shop for a dress that offers easy access, either with an inbuilt panel for nursing or a strap that unclips. There are plenty of Australian retailers with beautiful nursing dresses in a range of sizes. 

        Find a nursing crop to wear underneath and nursing won’t be as stressful. 

        Athletic shorts or tracksuit pants

        You’re more than likely out of jeans territory for the time being.

        Soft shorts or pants with a wide waistband and drawstring make sense as postpartum wear for many reasons. Firstly they are super stretchy, to accommodate what’s left of your baby belly. Then the wide waistband gives you extra comfort as you are recovering from your c-section. 

        Team a grey or black pair with a loose shirt and a cardigan for the ultimate in mamma-comfort. 

        A quality robe

        Treat yourself to a beautiful robe to wear in hospital and around the house after you deliver your baby. 

        So long as it suits the season, you’ll be grateful to have something soft to quickly wrap around yourself. 


        Another idea as you recover from a caesarian delivery is overalls, although make sure your scar is protected and look for softer fabrics like linen. 

        With no waistband to speak of, this type of clothing makes sense when you are wondering what to wear after a c-section. It can also be handy for nursing, offering you stomach and back protection while you feed your baby. 

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