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Versatile lockdown clothes

Perhaps the one good thing about lockdown is the comfy clothes. Being stuck indoors for so long has made button-up jeans and tailored shirts a thing of the past. After all, why get dressed up when you have nowhere to go?

Just as COVID has changed the way we live and work, it has changed our fashion choices. It’s something nobody would have predicted two years ago, but a quarter of the fashion trends of winter 2021 in Australian Vogue focused on the way clothes feel over how they look.

Elle Australia has declared that the look for spring fashion in Australia is ‘casual chic’. Early in 2021, USA Today reported 8 ways quarantine affected style. Most feature an emphasis on that great big c-word...comfort!

The pandemic has brought about a fashion evolution. These days it's all about a ‘hybrid’ style of clothing that is on-trend, presentable and makes you feel good, but is still easy to hang out at home in. 

With the ‘comfort revolution’ in mind, here are some wardrobe staples and some new additions which take you from lockdown to the outside world. 

Best lockdown clothes: leggings and activewear

Activewear has been steadily on the rise but it definitely came into its own during COVID as all-day wear.  

Leggings look great and can be dressed up or down. Choose a loose, baggy top for home then throw on something a little more figure-hugging and flashy when you step out. 

These days, you can never have too many pairs of leggings. And don’t stick to basic black! Have some fun with designs and colours to bring diversity to your post-lockdown wardrobe.

The best leggings are ‘squat proof’, meaning they never go see-through, and are available in sizes for all women up to 3XL, with a cut that matches body shape. 

Bike shorts

The 90s favourite made a big comeback in 2020 and will be huge in summer 2021.

Bike shorts are ideal for summer lockdown days because they are super comfortable and cooler to wear than leggings. They can be worn with almost anything so are an excellent option for workouts or just hanging out in hot weather. 

For bike shorts that are practical when you do leave the house, look for a handy pocket to pop your phone and keys in.

Like your leggings, you can mix and match your bike shorts and other lockdown clothes this summer. Try basic black bike shorts or go for a funky, limited edition pattern.


Have you heard the expression ‘cookie pants’? 

Your loungewear has room around the waistband for a few extra cookies but that doesn’t mean you can’t find designs and fabric that make you feel great when you’re outside your home. 

A well-made pair of lounge pants will be comfortable but also provide a nice silhouette. Take a look at Active Truth’s Off Duty range for loungewear inspo.

Oversized clothes

Forget about tiny-tees… ‘Zoomers’ love their baggy clothes right now. 

Gen Z trailblazer Billie Eilish may have started wearing baggy clothes because she was insecure, but her style has taken off. Baggy and oversized jeans, pants, and shirts have evolved from being the ultimate lockdown clothes to cool streetwear. 


In the past year or so, consumers have become more aware of ‘disposable’ and ‘fast fashion’, and their impact on the environment. These days the focus has turned to high quality, long-lasting clothes that last for a lot longer than a single season. 

Buy once, wear for years. Look for brands that are Australian-owned and which have a conscience when it comes to the planet, the way their garments are produced and the charities they support.

Looking for the best lockdown clothes to last you well past COVID times? Head to Active Truth for high quality activewear for women of all shapes and sizes. We offer free returns so you can make sure you’re happy with your purchase (terms and conditions apply). 

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