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Say yes to plus size bike shorts

Bike shorts? Let’s go there! 

When it comes to plus size bike shorts, we’re saying yes! And you definitely need more than one pair this summer.

There are plenty of reasons to add a pair of bike shorts to your wardrobe staples. Not that you needed any more convincing!

1. All the celebs are wearing them 

Back in the 90s, all the celebs were wearing bike shorts, from Madonna to Princess Diana and Sarah Jessica Parker. They all rocked the look... and if you were around at the time, you probably did too. 

These days, celebs have picked up the trend again. Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Bella and Gigi Hadid and Miley Cyrus are all rocking bike shorts, and they're wearing them for all occasions. Kim certainly never lets her curves hold her back from being at the forefront of this trend.

2. They're perfect for summer workouts

Bike shorts sit above your knee so you stay cooler for longer. 

Quality plus size bike shorts stretch and move with you, and prevent chafing. They are so much better than other workout shorts, which can bunch up and rub. Bike shorts are the ideal summer workout gear whether you're pumping iron at the gym, doing aerobics at home or mucking around with the kids.

Look for squat-proof fabric that won’t go see-through when you bend over. 

3. They go with everything

Baggy tops or loose jackets. Under a skirt or shorts. With sneakers or boots. 

Bike shorts are super versatile. 

Take a look at our blog on what to wear with bike shorts for some ideas around tops and shoes that can be paired with your new faves. 

4. They’re super comfy

The best plus size bike shorts will feel like a second skin. 

Look for a high waist that kills any chance of an uncomfortable muffin top, and find an online supplier that offers free express shipping and returns. This way you’ll be able to try on your shorts to make sure they fit. 

5. They go well under other clothes

Save your inner thighs! 

If you have ever experienced summertime chafing, you will know how essential bike shorts can be. If you are fond of flowing dresses, a pair of plus size bike shorts underneath are the best in summer. You can even wear them under cut off denim shorts or pants. 

6. They’re super easy to pack

Bike shorts are lightweight and compact. Scrunch them up and toss them in your bag when you’re travelling. You don’t need to worry about ironing or careful folding. As soon as you pull them out of your bag or suitcase, they will be ready to go.

7. Bike shorts are flattering

High waisted bike shorts can help pull in your tummy. A decent supportive pair will also make anyone’s butt look good. Quality bike shorts even offer more coverage than a lot of denim shorts or yoga pants. 

8. They're suitable for all sizes

Don’t rule yourself out from bike shorts because you wear an XL. Just find a pair of plus size bike shorts that is designed to fit you and feels comfortable to wear, with breathable fabric (and a pocket of course). 

Branch out from basic black and get yourself a pair in navy, grey or a funky pattern. Your bike shorts will soon become a much-worn addition in your wardrobe. 

Looking for the perfect pair of bike shorts for summer? Head straight to Active Truth for your new favourite athleisure wear.

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