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Why is Active Truth Unique in Australia?

“Best. Tights. Ever.”

Active Truth customers share amazing feedback for our tights, bike shorts, crops and sweatpants but did you know that there is so much more to the label than our reputation for making the best Australian leggings?

Take a peek at some of the most important chapters in our brand story. 

Inclusive. Diverse. Inspired.

The name Active Truth reflects our belief that an active lifestyle looks different for every woman.

It’s a name aimed at inspiring, connecting and instilling confidence. It speaks with refreshing honesty and provides an informed voice of reason in an industry that underserves the majority of women while preying on their insecurities.

Creating a healthier future for all women

At Active Truth, we believe women deserve better from the activewear market. Wearing great activewear shouldn’t be a privilege only for women of a certain size, shape, stage of life or ability level. For too long, the majority of women have been excluded from the conversations around health and fitness.

The truth is, we should expect more. More respect. More representation. More confidence. More options. 

Celebrating body confidence, positivity and female empowerment, Active Truth bridges the gap in the activewear space for women with a customer-centric approach in everything we do.

Move Better

Our strong-held philosophy means we don’t compromise on quality and that we source only the best fabrics. 

And we are obsessed with fit! We know that not having access to the right clothes is both a physical and emotional barrier to participation in exercise and in life. However, unlike most plus size activewear brands, we don’t just grade up our patterns from the smallest size. 

We work meticulously to design, tailor and wear-test our styles on every size across our entire range. We know the instant confidence a woman feels when she puts on a pair of our tights that fit, support and perform flawlessly.

Representing Body Confidence.

With a core focus on delivering activewear solutions that meet more women's needs, in a heavily saturated market of stereotypical messaging and out-of-touch ideals, Active Truth is positioned to pioneer a new generation of real and relatable activewear for women.

Did you know that the average Australian woman is a size 16 and will experience 31 size changes during her adult life?

Female consumers size 16 and above have been previously served limiting, sub-par products that are black, baggy and devoid of current trends. We have been hard at work to change this unfair ‘norm’. 

It’s not enough to just be inclusive in our products. We also proudly and consistently represent all of the women who wear our clothes. This includes our commitment to diversity in our images and never digitally retouching women’s bodies. We believe the language we use is important and communicate inclusively and positively while consciously rejecting common assumptions, stereotypes and biases.

We are building more than a brand. We are building a community of positive, kind and strong women with shared values who believe in building each other up and cheering each other on. We listen to and learn from our community in order to continually innovate and improve. We don’t pretend to be perfect but we always strive to do our best.

We are committed to using our platform to make a difference and make all women visible by championing inclusivity, diversity and positivity. Our vision for the future is that this will be the norm, not the exception. Because you can’t be what you can see.

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Active Truth T-Shirt - Black
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Postpartum Leggings Full-Length - Black from Active Truth™
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