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7 ideas to take a break from your desk when you’re working from home

Breaks are important, especially when you’re new to WFH thanks to self-isolation. When you’re working from home, having your meetings on Zoom, and there’s no water cooler for a co-worker chat it’s easy to spend too long sitting at your desk and staring at a screen. Do this a few days in a row and you’ll likely feel the consequences: tight back and hips, sore neck and eyes, and a helping of brain fog and burnout.

Here’s 7 ideas for quick headspace and body boosts that will have you feeling energised and revitalised.

1. Water your plants

Connect with nature and show your greenery some love. Watering your plants allows you to rest your eyes, stand up, stretch your body, and enjoy the instant relaxation and calm tending your plants can bring. Studies have also proven that plants at home improve concentration and productivity. Win-win for your workspace.

2. Meditate or do yoga

Yet another reason to WFH in your activewear tights. Go straight from seat to mat for a quick 5-10 minute yoga flow — don’t forget the savasana (lying down is the best part right?!).

3. Pamper express

With beauty salons closed now is the time to DIY your at-home treatments. Move away from your computer and spend a few minutes painting your nails, putting on a hair treatment, or applying a face mask — just be sure to remove it before your next video call (or not, depending on your workplace!).

4. Power nap 

Ah, the secret joy of working where you sleep. Set your alarm for 10-20 minutes (the optimal nap length so you don’t end up groggy) and close your eyes somewhere comfy. Sofa, bed, backyard, or loungeroom floor. The choice is yours. 

5. Snack and sit

Instead of visiting your fridge intermittently and eating at your desk (yeah, we saw you!) take a few extra minutes preparing a delicious and healthy snack. Find a place to saviour your creation away from screens and your work area.

6. TikTok tutorial

Looking for something more energetic to do in your breaks? How about learning a TikTok dance! With options from simple to sophisticated, now's the time to learn in the privacy of your own home. You'll be ready to let them loose in public once self-isolation is over.

7. Do nothing

Let your mind wander and daydream. That’s it.

Bonus: Go for a walk — if you can

If you’re currently able to leave your home to go for a walk take a quick spin around the block for 5-10 minutes. You know it’s great for your body, but there’s mega brain benefits to be had too. Improvements in creativity, cognition and happiness have all been shown to occur when you lace up your sneakers and head out the door.