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Best Maternity Underwear

Our Pregnancy and Postnatal Undies Reviewed by Mums

Maternity undies are designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for women during pregnancy and postpartum, and specifically designed for comfort and confidence: our two favourite style ingredients! At Active Truth, we know that finding the right maternity underwear can make all the difference, which is why we've developed a range of pregnancy and postnatal support briefs that are designed to help you feel confident and comfortable, no matter what stage of motherhood you're in.

To help you choose the right undies for you, we've asked real mums to tell us what they think of our maternity underwear styles:

1. Postnatal Recovery Support Brief (Black)
Your postpartum body has been through a lot, so you’ll love the support, stability and smoothing that these briefs give post-delivery.

"I loved how these made me feel supported and held in without being too tight. They were comfortable enough to wear all day, even with my c-section incision." - Sarah

The briefs are perfect to wear during recovery to address postpartum conditions such as abdominal muscle separation.

"I was skeptical about the compression in these briefs, but they really did help reduce swelling and discomfort after childbirth. And even though they have compression, they're still really comfortable to wear." - Jessica

2. Postnatal Recovery Support Brief (Beige)
If you’re experiencing muscle separation postpartum (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM) or a sore lower back then you’ll love the compression around your mid-section designed to help speed up your recovery.

Taking the time you need to rest your body after childbirth is difficult with a newborn keeping you busy. These briefs help you with increased stability to allow you to move supported when you’re lifting, feeding and carrying your baby.

Like shapewear you can wear these under your clothes all day long — you’ll be activating muscles to assist core stability, while the firm fit helps reduce swelling and muscle fatigue. The high waist also provides coverage when you’re breastfeeding.

"I loved that these briefs were both supportive and seamless. They didn't show through my clothes, and they provided just the right amount of compression to help me feel secure and comfortable." - Rachel

Designed with the same waistband and fabric as our physio-designed Postnatal Recovery Tights, but with an additional bamboo lining so you can wear without underwear.

Postnatal support briefs can be worn in the days after delivery, including after c-section, once you feel comfortable to put them on. Many women also wear them while they are sleeping to help feel stable and secure, and get a better night’s sleep.

"These were the only underwear I felt comfortable wearing for the first few weeks after giving birth. They provided gentle support without feeling too tight, and they were breathable and moisture-wicking, which was a lifesaver during those early postpartum days." - Melissa

3. Mama Pregnancy Support Brief (Black)
These over-the-bump maternity briefs provide you with firm yet gentle compression under your clothes when pregnant.

"These briefs were a game-changer during my pregnancy. They provided just the right amount of support for my growing belly without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. And I love that they're seamless - I could wear them under anything." - Emily

Experience core and pelvic support wearing these discreet compression briefs with skirts, pants or dresses — perfect for long work days or extended time spent on your feet.

"I was worried about finding comfortable underwear during pregnancy, but these briefs exceeded my expectations. They're so soft and stretchy, and they stayed in place all day. I also appreciated the wider waistband, which helped support my lower back as well." - Laura

At Active Truth, we're passionate about supporting women through every stage of their motherhood journey, which is why we've developed a range of maternity and postpartum support wear that's designed to help you feel confident and comfortable. From our Postnatal Recovery Support Briefs to our Mama Pregnancy Support Briefs, our undies are designed with you in mind, so you can focus on enjoying this special time in your life.