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Maternity FAQ

Got a bun in the oven? Need some fab new maternity tights? I mean, we aren’t psychics, but here are some things you are probably wondering...

What size should I get in the maternity tights?

We always recommend picking your pre-pregnancy size. This way you can ensure a great fit around the legs and bottom. If you are between sizes or unsure, then it’s best to size up.

When referring to our size guide use your hip measurement to select your correct size. 

What is the maternity fit like?

Active Truth Mama Pregnancy Tights are designed with a double-layer supportive bump band that can be worn over or under your belly.

When should I wear them?

Skinny jeans have become your new nemesis when it comes to getting changed? The time has come my friend, to give our Mama Pregnancy Tights a go and enjoy your pregnancy in the comfort of maternity activewear. The bump band grows with you and will be a great fit during an entire pregnancy and as a transition piece for your post-baby body too. Don’t just restrict them to your activewear wardrobe either – our tights play well with dresses, long tops and boots too!  Read more about the fit and feel of our tights

What are the benefits of wearing maternity tights?

I mean, apart from looking FAB-U-LOUS, there are lots of benefits wearing our maternity tights. The core support on these babies are amazing, the fabric used in our leggings supports shape retention and is breathable and moisture-wicking making it the best choice for hot days (or hot flushes). Our leggings are also squat proof, which means you’ll never need to worry about the fabric becoming see-through no matter how much it stretches or how much you practice your Legally Blonde bend-n-snap (well as much as you can with a baby bump!).

We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from mamas-to-be about how much the compression in our tights have helped with managing varicose veins, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)/pelvic pain, or just the general aches and pains of growing and carrying around a new human.

I'm post-partum, should I keep wearing my Mama Tights or purchase regular tights? What's the difference?

The Mama Pregnancy Tight and our regular tights (Essential, Ultimate and Smart Pocket) are made from the same fabric and have the same fit around your hips and legs. The difference is in the waistband. The Mama Tight has a softer waistband that curves under your bump and sits a bit higher than the regular tights. The regular tights have a straight waistband which is designed to provide firm core support.

If you are after more of a compression fit post pregnancy we recommend wearing our regular tights once it is comfortable to do so, as they will have firmer compression and be more like a recovery tight.